10 Scrap-booking Tapes For Just 35p!

Ever fancied trying out scrap-booking as a new hobby? Maybe you already scrap-book and need to cut back on how much you’re spending on supplies? These Kawaii tapes may be just what you’ve been looking for! They’re just £0.35 for 10 and you don’t even have to pay postage!!



A high quality, paper based tape for taping wired flowers.Particularly suitable for silk and dried flowers but can also be used with fresh flowers.Very versatile, clean and very easy to work with.Oasis stemtex, typical uses include taping to easily cover bare wires and stems in wedding work.Safe and easy to use.Keeps the moisture in the flower stems once taped.High quality paper alternative to Oasis parafilm.



They do have some mixed reviews, but lets fact it, do you really care that much for 35 pence??

Kawaii Tapes Amazon Reviews

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