Considering the cost of home improvements

It’s important to know that your home might not always keep the same form it’s currently in. Sooner or later you will desire a full redesign, a slow change of decors, or even a more extensive improvement – a home addition. It’s this last consideration we are going to explore in this article. To come to the decision to add an extension to your home you will need a careful and exacting eye. This is because the planning stage can be quite intense.

There are many things you should keep in mind here, and they all relate to the cost of your extension. Planning this in advance will help you decide if this effort is worth it to you or not, and give you the clearest picture of how the process will turn out.

The following could help the most profoundly:


Planning Application & Timing

As many of the great business leaders have stated, time is money. This means it’s absolutely imperative for you to consider your working budget, and as such – the timeline in which you complete it. It’s all very well taking time off work to begin your renovation, or to book certain services and other planned schedules, but if you’re not willing to consider your timeline you might simply sit around twiddling your thumbs while money is on the line.

This is why it’s important to get the go-ahead before you even begin your work. Planning permission takes time before it’s granted, and so making this the deadline of your work is essential. Also, planning permission will often dictate a timeline of your renovation. To speed up this process, it’s essential that you apply with the right content of documentation. Everything from your plans, your timeline and your planning maps will be taken into consideration.

This last consideration is one of the most important to think about, because it’s the easiest to get wrong. Promap have evidenced this importance here, and can give you tools to make the right decisions. The last thing you need is for work to be delayed due to your plans not adding up or making sense, and this can often be quite embarrassing, even if this is your first time.


Length Of Renovation

The length of your renovation is important to consider. Often, buildings are mostly scheduled too tightly and the budget is too limited. If this happens even with professional and world-spanning construction companies, it’s likely that this is going to be part and parcel of your personal effort. This isn’t to disparage your planning abilities, only that you should know what to expect. It’s best to have slightly more budget to work with than you might have considered. It’s also best to give yourself at least an extra two weeks or even a month to play with. You never know what hold-ups might come, or what costs might be needed. For example, a plumber might accidentally knock a vital pipe and flood your attic. An electrician might fry your fuse box. Of course, hiring the right professionals will keep things in order, but human mistakes can happen for everyone. It’s good to plan for these, because sod’s law dictates you might be affected by them.


Extra Costs Of Accommodation

Of course, often working and renovating your home will sometimes make it less habitable. It might be that you’re renovating a vital room, or you’re extending on from a room that you need. It might be that the extension will knock out your plumbing or your electricity for a time. This might mean that you need to pay for extra accommodation, be that a hotel or renting a space from a family member for a time. This can tally up quickly, especially if schedules run on as we have previously warned about in this article.

This might not mean much to your budget, or it might mean everything. Ensuring you have this time considered (even if you might not initially think you need it) can help you counter those effects when they happen.


Renting Machinery

It might be that sometimes, you desire to begin work on your home, to begin with. It might be that you demolish a certain section of your home itself, or open up your foundations for a solid new build. This will mean that you need to hire machinery to get you started. These hire costs are often quite reasonable, but they require some careful planning, insurance payments and deposits. Keeping this in mind if desiring to save costs of labor can help you plan the most effectively, and begin making those decisions regarding your equipment as positively as possible.


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