Your Map To The Best FREE Foraging Spots

Most of us have been out into the countryside, with our old ice-cream tubs, foraging for blackberries at some point in our lives. Sometimes you know where to look but often you have to roam around hoping to find a mother-lode rather than a small shrub with a few sad green berries on.

So what if there was a map that could tell you the best free foraging spots? Not just for blackberries but for all sorts of things, from Mulberries to wild garlic!


Introducing Falling Fruit

Falling Fruit Map

Falling Fruit is a celebration of the overlooked culinary bounty of our city (or town, or village) streets. This volunteer run, not-for-profit project provides you with a map of the world (yes the whole globe!) and allows users to search for and pinpoint different fruits and vegetables near them or add their own markers. The map is open for anyone to edit and the database can be downloaded with just one click. In the UK alone there are 6,000 recorded locations.


Start foraging now


About Foraging

Little girl excitedly picking an apple

Grocery bills can add up very quickly, especially if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables. One way to combat this is saving money by foraging! As a society we have become lazy, food is so easy to get our hands on we completely take it for granted. Hands up who has their shopping delivered (don’t feel bad, even we do it). No wonder obesity is on the rise! Foraging is in our nature, it can be really rewarding and a fun activity for kids. There’s loads of free food out there if you know where to look so why not save some money and get some exercise/fresh air!

Find out more about getting free food through foraging here.


Make Money Foraging

Foraging could even make you money! Here’s a few ideas how:

Cooking and Baking 

Why not bake something delicious with those free blackberries/apples/pears etc. You could then sell your products at car boot sales or school fates. Maybe you could take a few tins of goodies into your office and ask for 30p a cake or 50p a jar of jam (people normally do this for charity but you could just do it for you if you’re feeling cheeky), you’re bound to make a profit since half your ingredients were free!

Find out how to make money selling your baked products here.

Foraging Tours

Why not offer to take people around our area for a small fee to show them all the best spots to forage (you’ve got a map now so it shouldn’t be hard to pick a good route). It could be as simple as setting up a Facebook page to advertise your services and getting your friends to share it around! You’ll have to brush up on your knowledge of plants a bit.

Find out how to go about making money as  tour guide here.

Got more ideas for how you could make money foraging? Let us know in the comments section

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