FREE Sample – sheer BLONDE Highlight Activating Duo

Want a free sample of John Freida’s new sheer BLONDE Highlight Activating Duo with avocado oil? Find out below how you could get your hands (and hair!) on this freebie.


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Just fill in the form via the link below. That’s it! You can even opt out of marketing emails.


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Please Note: Samples tend to be in limited supply and are not available indefinitely. This sample was available at the time of writing this article (28/06/2018).



This competition/freebie is from a third party that has no association with MoneyMagpie. We cannot be held responsible for any issues you have with this giveaway. Please read all the terms and conditions before filling in any personal details. If you have any problems please contact the promoter.


About sheer BLONDE Highlight Activating Duo

Now enriched with avocado oil which is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins.

This Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating collection nourishes and reactivates dull, faded highlights for your most beautiful, brighter blonde.


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SoPost enables you to request physical product samples from your favourite brands. A service like SoPost (which, in this document, we’ll refer to as “the Service” or perhaps as “SoPost”) requires people to interact with each other (us included) within some kind of framework designed to keep everybody safe and free from harm. In essence, that framework is provided by these Terms of Use, which we’ll refer to as “the Terms”.

SoPost is delivered by SoPost Limited, a company incorporated in England under registered number 08216668. Our registered office is at Suite 206, The Record Hall, 16-16A Baldwin’s Gardens, London, EC1N 7RJ. When we use words like “we”, “us” and “our” in these Terms, it is SoPost Limited that we are referring to. Likewise, when we use words like “you” and “your”, we are referring to you, whom, we hope, will soon be our user. When we refer to the “website”, we mean the one that we host at, any subdomains that we create and any software widgets that we install on external websites to deliver the Service.

Anybody can access the SoPost website but in order to request a sample, you must accept these Terms as they are set out in this document.

Claiming a Sample

There’s not much that you need to do to claim a sample. Just complete a simple form with your basic personal details including a postal address to which we can send your samples. In completing and submitting this information, you confirm that it is accurate and up-to-date.

You will also need to check the box that is your confirmation that you accept these Terms. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to claim the sample and that would be a shame. But if you do check the box and submit your details to us, please bear in mind that you are entering into a contract with us (and not the brand from whom the sample will come) and that contract is, of course, based on these Terms. Don’t worry, you don’t *have* to do anything in particular. Each time you use SoPost to request a sample from one of our brand partners, you will go through the same process so you’re not creating any long term commitments here. But since you are entering into a contract with us, it would be sensible to have a good read of these Terms just to make sure you are as happy as we are about it all.

You’ll always be able to find a copy of these Terms on the website, but you might want to print off a copy for your records. If you do, please bear in mind, however, that the Terms might change in the future, especially since we may add functionality to the Service over time. Each time you request a sample via the Service, you will be asked to accept the Terms as they stand at that time and those Terms will then govern your claiming of that sample.


We mentioned above that you have to provide us with information in order to claim a sample, through either completing our online form or consenting to us linking your social media account. That information alone will be enough to identify you personally and so for that reason, it is protected by law, that law being until 25 May 2018 the Data Protection Act 1998 and thereafter the General Data Protection Regulation (usually referred to as the ‘GDPR’) and any successor legislation to the GDPR once, following the UK’s exit from the EU (if that actually happens), the GDPR no longer directly applies in the UK. If you’re not in the UK, there will probably be equivalent laws in your jurisdiction. We will handle that information in accordance with our Privacy Notice, which forms part of these Terms and thereby, our contract with you. We must be able to identify you as an individual from the information contained within your profile and to that extent at least, you confirm that your information is accurate and up-to-date.

We would love to make SoPost available to everyone but unfortunately, because of the way English law works, children are not capable of entering into contracts. Consequently, you must either confirm that you are at least 18 years of age and capable of entering into binding contracts, or that you are at least 13 years of age and can confirm that you have your parent or guardian’s consent. Some of the offers that we circulate are age-restricted and therefore will not be available to all users.

Assuming then that you are over 18 or over 13 and have your parent or guardian’s consent, your acceptance of these Terms gives rise to a contract between you and us that is binding on both you and us and those that may later inherit from us the benefit of the contracts that we have formed with you and others like you. You may not transfer or sell your rights under this contract to anybody else nor may you use it as security for anything. The nature of running a Service like SoPost means that we may, for some reason, have to ‘assign’ the contract that we’ve formed with you to another business (for example, as part of a restructure or if SoPost is bought by another company).

Although you will have to provide us with your information and accept these Terms of Use each time you claim a sample, you do have the right to access the information we hold about you or even ask us to stop holding information about you. There is more about this in the Privacy Notice so please follow the instructions there. As explained in our Privacy Notice, although we have obligations to our brand partners, we are the Data Controller and we are responsible to our users for how we handle the personal data we hold about them. Aside from any transactional emails that we may send to you, all communications that we send to our users come with an unsubscribe option. If you have any concerns about how any of this might affect you, please let us know.

Your Use of SoPost

As a platform technology, SoPost is what our users and our brand partners make it. That said, there are core purposes for it (as outlined in the Introduction above) that encompass everything that we and our users do with it. You agree that you will abide with those purposes and that you will not, under any circumstances, use the Service for actions that do not fall within those core purposes.

We are delighted when our users share offers they find through SoPost with their friends and we encourage you to do that. However, whilst sharing with friends is great, piggybacking on the services we provide in order to build your own business is very much not. You agree that whilst you may share offers with friends for personal purposes, you will not share our offers on a commercial scale and/or for business purposes, whether within a closed group or list of individuals or to the public at large. You acknowledge that should you breach this condition, we may pursue you for, amongst other things, the value of the samples that have been distributed as a result of your actions, for the cost of our time in dealing with the situation you have created and the loss of goodwill suffered by ourselves or our brand partners.

You will not use the Service for the distribution of unsolicited and unwanted communications (whether commercial or otherwise), which you might know as ‘spam’. Spam is a real nuisance and it makes us and our users very unhappy, so if you distribute spam through SoPost, we’ll terminate your use of the Service immediately and will prevent you from using it again in the future.

Also, you will not use SoPost to send to other people samples that, even though they are lawfully available wherever the offer we have made is valid, you know or have reason to suspect those people will find offensive in some way. If we find out that you have done this, we will suspend your use of the Service while we investigate and, having done so, we may, at our discretion, terminate your use of the Service and prevent you from using it again and even refer your behaviour to the authorities, should we believe that to be warranted.

Finally, we only allow one sample per person per campaign and where necessary, we may need to impose a limit of one sample per household per campaign. So, if you’re using a social media account or email address to request a sample, you warrant that the account or email address you’re using is your own, which you created in the regular course of things as far as the network in question that that account belongs to is concerned. Specifically, we’re talking here about using multiple accounts and/or multiple identities for the purpose of requesting multiple product samples. Doing this sort of thing is cheating and deprives others of a fair chance to request samples so if you do it, we’ll ban you from using SoPost and we may pursue you for damages for breach of contract should your actions harm a campaign we are running for a brand partner. To counteract this, you promise only to use one account for each social network for the duration of your relationship with us.

In using SoPost, you’ll give us feedback on your experience of the sample you have requested. You may also share that experience with others via our social media accounts. You promise that in doing so, the content you upload won’t deliberately offend. Yes, we have all told jokes that backfired or were misjudged or perhaps didn’t go down as well as we intended. That’s not what we’re talking about. What we are chiefly concerned with here is content that is offensive, obscene, abusive, libellous, false, deliberately misleading, or is otherwise illegal. For short, let’s call this “Unlawful Content”. If you do use SoPost to distribute Unlawful Content, we reserve the right to remove it immediately and to suspend or even terminate your account and we may not let you know that we have done this. If we do contact you, we may allow you to explain why you have uploaded the Unlawful Content but if your explanation is unconvincing or you take an unreasonably long time to respond, we may, at our discretion, terminate your use of the Service and prevent you from using it again. As with the previous paragraph, if you behave in this way, you may leave us with no alternative but to refer the incident to the authorities.

You may have heard of the term “intellectual property”. Intellectual property is the term used to describe things that can be owned but which are not physical in nature. The owner of intellectual property doesn’t own something that is tangible but instead has the right to control how that intangible thing is used, hence the term “intellectual property rights”. Trade marks, patents and copyright are well-known and commonplace forms of intellectual property, but there are lots more. And if you use somebody else’s intellectual property rights without their permission (which is often referred to as a “licence”), you’ve “infringed” their rights.

On that basis we confirm to you that we own the framework and content that makes up SoPost. That includes all the ‘copy’, the code, the look and feel and the trade marks and graphics that you use in making use of the Service (in accordance with these Terms). We build databases that contain details of the offers that we circulate and the people to whom those offers are circulated and to whom we subsequently deliver samples. We invest a lot of time and money into building and maintaining those databases and making sure that the data within them is as correct as it can possibly be. They are therefore the subject of database right that is owned by us, which we license to you only so that you can make use of our services for personal purposes. Even the copyright in these Terms are owned by our lawyers and licensed to us for this purpose. Were you to use their things without asking, they would get very unhappy. So please don’t try to use any of the intellectual property that we provide for purposes that are not intended or envisaged by these Terms. You can use our intellectual property in order to make use of our service as provided for in these Terms but for nothing else and you may not use our intellectual property for commercial purposes under any circumstances.

We confirm that we have the right to distribute the samples that you have claimed or are claiming, though that is not necessarily to say that those samples are lawful wherever you happen to live and if you’re in doubt, you should check your local law for yourself, just to be sure.

Samples that you request are for your personal use only. It’s a bit difficult to imagine how the samples that we facilitate could be turned into a business but technology allows us to do all sorts of things now that weren’t possible 20 years ago, so just to be completely clear, USING SOPOST FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES IS COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN – unless, of course, you happen to be one of our brand partners or one of our authorised distributors. If you wish to engage with SoPost as a business, we have other terms and conditions that apply to that. Contact us at to find out more on this or have a look elsewhere on the website. If you use SoPost for commercial purposes without engaging with us formally as a brand partner or authorised distributor, we will terminate your use of the Service immediately, prevent you from using it again and we may commence an action for breach of contract against you should we be of the view that your actions have harmed us or our brand partners.

If you come across any evidence to suggest that anybody else is using SoPost in breach of these Terms, it would be a terrific help if you would let us know so that we can take action to stop them.


See the full Ts&Cs here

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