5 budget-friendly ways to transform your living space

Our living rooms are one of the most well-loved spaces in our homes, offering us the perfect place for hosting and entertaining, as well as giving us somewhere to curl up with a good book on a rainy day.

But, there comes a time when we need to give our favourite rooms an update, whether that’s to keep up with the latest trends or to reverse wear and tear. To find out how you can do this without breaking the bank, read on to find our top five tips for transforming your living room on a budget.


Incorporate a rug

If your living room décor is on the simple side, then a burst of colour can be just what you need! Whether you choose to go with a solid print in a bold tone or some busy patterns or textures a statement rug — like the funky rugs from Rugs Direct — can help to define or separate areas within the room, as well as being a low-cost style update.


Add some prints

Adding some statement prints to your living room will liven up the space and make it more personable. There are a few ways to hang your prints: imitate a gallery and arrange them across the span of the walls or dot them around at evenly-spaced intervals to add inspiration to each of your four walls.

Buy a set of matching photo frames, like these from Trade Picture Frames, and head to your nearest photo printing point, to get copies of any pictures or quotes you want hanging up. With many printing kiosks charging as little as 50p for a single print, you won’t have to spend much to make your home look great!


Bring in some home planters

Plants of varying colours and sizes can lend your living room a fresh new feel. Incorporate some greenery into your home with plants like these mini cacti from The Glass Gardener, or opt for some colour-rich false flowers which will stand the test of time and keep your home looking lovely for longer!


Try a new colour scheme

There are many ways to introduce a new colour scheme to your living room, but painting the walls is a good place to start. If you’ve always opted for a simple white, why not add a subtle splash of colour with duck-egg blues or pale greys, to give it that all-important cosy feel?

Dulux have a large range of washable paints at reasonable prices — and better yet, their resistance to markings will ensure you get value for money in the long run!


Switch your layout around

If possible, give the sofas and armchairs a reshuffle to refresh your seating options and open up some space — this might also uncover some optimal TV viewing points! If you regularly host guests, try switching up the focus of the room. You can do this by re-angling your furniture, so your photo-filled walls are in good view or turn chairs to face your fireplace to encourage conversation.

Updating your living room doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. And, with our top five tips for transforming yours on a budget, there’s no excuse to not have the living room of your dreams. So, find some inspiration and get started today!


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