7 documents you can’t afford to lose

Many of us are guilty of misplacing paperwork around our homes. But what people may not realise is how costly certain documents are to replace.

From car insurance contracts to birth certificates, losing these documents could cost you up to £800. According to self-storage provider, Space Station, these are the important household documents that you can’t afford to lose.


Birth Certificate – £9.25

Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are important documents that show proof of age and there are many circumstances where you may be asked to present the document, whether it’s registering for schools during childhood or applying for a driving license.

It costs £9.95 to replace a birth certificate in the UK and whilst this isn’t a hefty figure, it could add up if you need to replace it multiple times.


Passport – £75.50

British passports

Your passport is one of the most expensive documents to replace, costing £75.50, and missing a pre-booked holiday could mean losing out on hundreds of pounds.

Remember to check your passport is in date as many countries require you to have 3-6 months left on your passport to be able to travel.


Car log book – £30.00

Car log book

The DVLA advises people not to purchase a car without a log book, and you are unable to tax your vehicle without one. Replacing a logbook costs between £25- £30. But if you are reliant on your car for work and you’re unable to tax it, you could also be at risk of loss of income.


Marriage license – £9.25

Marriage certificate

A marriage license is rarely required and can easily be misplaced. However, if you need to change your name on documents or show proof of marriage, replacing it could cost you £9.25.


Bank statements – £60 for one year’s worth (£5 each)

Bank statements

Since you’re probably using internet banking it’s easy to disregard the importance of paper bank statements. But, if you need to apply for a mortgage, you may be asked to provide six months to a year of printed bank statements, especially if you are applying for a mortgage with a different bank to your own.

If your internet banking doesn’t have a print function, it could cost your £5 per bank statement to get them printed.


Car insurance documents – £30

Car insurance documents

These days car insurance is renewed online and the legal documents at the beginning of the contract are emailed directly to you. However, in some cases you may be asked to hand over hard copies of your contract and, if you don’t have a printer at home, you could be subject to a £30 administration fee.


Mortgage documents – up to £500

Mortgage Documents

Were you inundated with paperwork when you first bought your home? From the first mortgage in principle letter, to the mortgage offer and, later down the line, solicitor documents and house deeds.

Whilst most of these documents can be easily replaced by your bank, and are often electronic now, if you’re house hasn’t been remortgaged or sold since 1990 and you lose your title deeds, it could result in needing a solicitor, which means paying up to £500.

Vlatka Lake, Marketing Manager at Space Station, said: “It can be easy to get into the habit of putting letters or documents on your mantelpiece as soon as they arrive in post, only for them never to be seen again.

“Any documents which can be used as identity, prove your ownership of something or can be used for insurance purposes, should be kept in secure place such as a home filing system or, if you have large amounts of paperwork, self-storage may be a safer option.”

Space Station has tips and advice on document and archive storage, which contains convenient solutions to help you manage your personal and business documents and ensure they are kept safe.

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