Money Matters – Free Children’s Activity Booklet

RoosterMoney are really excited to bring you their Free Money Matters Course activity booklet, developed in association with Children’s University.


What is the Money Matters course?

It’s a free to download, printable set of activity sheets. The course is open to all, but it’s ideal for 7 to 12 years old. The activities start off quite basic and get more complex as your progress. As ever, you’ll be the best judge of what level they’re at.


What lessons will the kids learn about money?

The course cover the following topics:

  • What money if and where it comes from
  • How money is used
  • Coin recognition
  • Ways to earn money
  • How Banks work
  • Financial terms
  • What Interest is and why it’s good


Where can I get the kids’ activity Book

Follow the link below to get the free printable PDF of the activity sheets for your little ones!

Get Your FrEe Activity Book

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