The ever-rising cost of funerals

Have you ever really thought about the cost of arranging a funeral? Unless you’ve been in the unfortunate position of organizing a funeral, then chances are high that you haven’t even given it a second thought.

A new report from Legal and General details the average cost of a UK funeral, as well as how much we’re having to spend depending on where we live, and some of the results are rather eye-opening.

In 2017, the average cost of a funeral in the UK was £4,086. Overall, Brits far prefer cremation funerals, with 77% of people preferring to go down this route, compared to burials at just 23%. This will partly be down to cost, with the average UK burial costing £4,800 and cremations far lower at £3,872.

Legal and General also released a new video showing how Brits aren’t sure about the ever-rising costs of funerals.

Up and down the country, the cost of a funeral can vary. As you might expect, costs in London come in the highest, where a burial funeral costs an average of £7,700. Cremations in the capital are also the highest average in the country at £4,600.

London is also home to the single highest cost in the UK, where a burial in Enfield can set you back as much as an eye-watering £13,049.

At the other end of the scale, Northern Ireland is home to the UK’s cheapest averages, where a burial funeral will cost you ‘just’ £3,300 and a cremation £3,400. Northern Ireland is also the only region in the UK where a cremation costs more than a burial, which is due to the small number of crematoria within the region.

The Scots also come in below the national average, with a burial costing £4,600 and a cremation £3,800. Wales is lower still, where a burial costs an average of £4,200 and a cremation £3,600.

Regional costs within England fluctuate, with costs in the South East being the highest outside of the capital, where a burial funeral costs an average of £5,200 and a cremation £4,500.

Somewhat unexpectedly, Yorkshire and Humber are also above average, with burials costing £5,100 and cremations £4,100.

Next up is the West Midlands, followed by East Anglia and finally the cheapest region in England, The East Midlands. Here, burials cost on average £3,900 and cremations £3,800.

It’s also important to consider that these costs include funeral directors fees, the charge for the burial or cremation, transport, opportunity to view the deceased, coffin, hearse, funeral procession, and preparation of the deceased.

What they don’t include are ‘extras’, such as floral tributes or any family and friend gatherings after the funeral.

Between 2011 and 2017 average funeral costs rose more than 38%, with there being a 4% increase between 2016 and 2017 alone. If costs continue to rise at the same rate, then by 2024 the average funeral will cost an estimated £5,925.

Funeral costs

For more information on preparing for our own future, more information is available on the Legal and General website.

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