4 reasons not to use essay writing services

One of the easiest things to do as a student when facing a deadline is reach out for help. Essay writing services are out there that do all the work for you if you can’t cope.

Sounds pretty tempting doesn’t it?

Be careful that tempting loophole doesn’t become a noose around your neck! Using one of these ‘services’ can often equate to short-term gain for long-term pain…!

Although using essay-writing services isn’t strictly illegal, it’s far from ok:

In this article we’ll take a look at 4 major reasons why you shouldn’t get mixed up in the shady world of essay writing services.


1. It’s cheating

Little boy cheating in test

We understand why a stressed student might turn to an essay-writing firm for a quick academic fix. There’s pressure to succeed and it seems to be an offer of help.

Hold it right there! There’s help, and then there’s outright cheating. This is the modern age but the concept of breaking the rules hasn’t changed.

If an eagle-eyed tutor spots a sudden improvement in your writing style, or just that something is amiss, you could get in some seriously hot water.

And with over 20,000 students using these services, there’s increased monitoring of the practice. Why run the risk of getting caught out?

Should you fall foul of the authorities, it could mean a black mark against your name, which affects your future prospects. Is it worth putting your future career under threat?


2. It costs money

Can I stop being someone's guarantor?

As with any service, from someone mowing your lawn to faking an essay, it doesn’t come for free. Websites are keen to show you their number-crunching price lists.

Ouch! It costs anything from £10-£40 to get an assignment completed by someone else. The rates are billed as cheap, but for a cash-strapped student…? We don’t think so.

Think about it. You’re paying large amounts of money to the university in the first place. Is it wise to pile more on top for something you’re shelling out for anyway?

Believe us, you’ll need every last penny for student life. The typical student holds down a job while they study, and those bills aren’t getting any lower.

Be smart and invest in books, materials and opportunities to develop your abilities. Relying on another person who you’ll never meet is not the right path.


3. It defeats the object

A+ Essay

The whole point of getting a qualification is that you become qualified! This means learning from your course so you can apply knowledge to a future career.

Here’s the thing. By using an essay writing service you learn nothing, other than how to get around a deadline by playing the system. Wouldn’t you rather learn instead?

People who work hard are respected more, and are better equipped to deal with the challenges life outside uni throws at them.

Plus, learning for yourself is like riding a bike. It may hurt to start with, but keep going and sooner or later you’ll be speeding confidently to your destination!

Don’t believe us? Give it time. Many have looked for a quick-fire solution only to regret it in later life. Honesty is the best policy. Which brings us to…


4. It pays to be honest

Young male student writing essay

You may want to get someone else to handle your workload because you lack confidence. You could think you only have one shot to get things right.

Wrong! Everybody makes mistakes, even years down the line. And if you’re a young student it’s expected that you’ll not know what you’re doing sometimes.

Go easy on yourself, breathe for a while, and then focus on the task in hand. It’s not weak to admit you’re having trouble, and people are there to help you with this.

University staff will understand if you admit to experiencing difficulty. Unlike essay writing services, they’re genuinely there to support you and talk face to face.

Essay writing services aren’t evil. They just work against the whole idea of education and using it to better yourself. Take our advice and rely on yourself to get the job done!


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