No time? No problem: finding the opportunity for education

So long as you’re looking to climb the career ladder into a well-paid profession (instead of starting a business for yourself), one aspect of your resume is more important than all the others. We’re talking about education. But if you’re working full-time, how can you expect to further that education? Living on campus and taking on a full-time course might not be the most reasonable thing to expect, but there are ways you can fit a lot more learning in a lot less time.


Work with your work

This might not be attainable in every workplace. However, if you are a permanent full-time employee in a private company, your bosses should be investing in your success as much as you are. If you develop more skills and expertise in your field, you can become much more valuable to them. That’s why you should consider asking your employer for training opportunities. Ensure that the skills you want to learn or the course you would like to enroll in are relevant to your job, of course. If the employer isn’t interested in investing in your further career development, it might just be a sign that they don’t anticipate you growing too much in their company.


Choose courses to fit your job

The online world offers a huge range of learning opportunities. There are few courses you can’t find online classrooms for nowadays. With learning platforms growing in popularity, there are plenty that offer the prestige of a more traditional education, too. Even better, there are more being developed to complement an existing career. If you’re in law enforcement, there are courses for police officers that make their entire program accessible at any time of the day, any day of the week. You can fit your learning in around your work, instead of having to sacrifice one for the other. Naturally, this means you have to be disciplined about setting aside the necessary time, but it can ensure that your current work life doesn’t interfere with your career goals.


Don’t be afraid to teach yourself

There are plenty of skills that don’t require a formal education for you to be able to punch up your resume. At the very least, you can do plenty of self-directed learning to get yourself to the point that getting a certification, or a degree, would only be a formality that you can complete when you have the time. Languages are the perfect example of a skill you can develop where and when you need to, whenever you have the time, without the need for a standard course program. There are plenty of language learning apps that you can download for free, so you can immediately begin developing a highly transferable skill.

Not all educations involve attending a classroom five days a week. From self-learning to online courses to employer-provided training, you have to take whatever opportunity you can to consistently learn new skills and gain new certifications. It’s the key to the upward momentum that ensures your career doesn’t hit a dead end.

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