How to Save Money on Sky, Virgin and other TV Packages

There’s nothing better than relaxing and watching a favourite TV show or getting together with friends to watch your favourite football team.  But the cost of those TV packages is something that seems to be increasing all the time and sometimes it can get out of hand. So what can you do if you want to save money on the cost of your TV package?


Make some changes

There are other options out there than the standard Sky, Virgin, BT and similar big channel packages. It can be worth considering making some changes that can save you a lot of money, depending on what you want from your TV package.


Try switching to streaming

There are lots of options out there to get your TV rather than just the traditional routes of a satellite. The streaming services are a prime example, such as Netflix and Amazon. Here you can get a range of TV shows, their own productions and movies with a much lower cost than something like a Sky subscription.  You can even call Sky TV on 0843 133 7000 to talk to them about their Now TV package as opposed to a standard satellite connection.  You do need a good, reliable internet connection for this type of service.


Try Freeview or Freesat

There are ways to get lots of TV without paying anything more than the cost of buying the box or setup.  Two of the top options for this is Freeview and Freesat. Freeview has 90% of the top free channels available through its box and there are lots that have the HD option if you have an HD TV. You can also go for a Freeview+ box that lets you live-pause, record and catch up on TV shows.

Freesat is a similar system but uses a satellite dish rather than a digital aerial.  If you had Sky or something similar and still have a satellite dish in place, you can use this or easily get one added.  The box does have a one-time cost, but the channels are free.

If you have a dish and a Sky box, you can also look to have Freesat from Sky, their own subscription-free TV service.  This lets you get a range of free channels and you can use the box you already have if you own it.


Consider your package

Have you ever gone through your package in detail and looked at what you are paying for?  Sure, those kid’s channels might only be a few pounds a month, but your kids are now teenagers, so no-one is watching them.  And is it worth paying the movie subscription to watch one movie a month?

Therefore one of the best ways to save money is to take a long, hard look at what you have in your package and what you really need.  The two elements that cost the most are the sports and the movies. If you watch them regularly, then that’s great. But if it is an occasional thing, you may want to consider your options.


Look at options for sports

If you are a sports fan but don’t watch every match, then it might be worth looking at options for sports packages.  For example, Premier League football is now available on Sky, BT Sport and Virgin so see who has the deal and the matches you want to see.  

Another option is a Now TV pass from Sky where you can either get a one day pass for the sports channels, usually around £7, or a week-long pass if there are a few matches you want to see which is around £10.  There are also some regular discounts and codes for these.

You could even get a deal from your mobile phone provider that includes free access to some of the sports packages.  EE is giving away three months free BT Sport at the moment and at the end of the three months, there’s nothing to stop you cancelling it if you don’t want the added expense.


Haggle with your provider

Gone are the days when haggling was something you did at the Saturday morning market in the town square.  Now you can try it with any number of different companies for different things and it certainly never hurts to try it with TV subscription package companies.

Sky, for example, are well known to be up for a bit of haggling.  When you are coming near the end of your contract, give them a call and discuss options.  Don’t be afraid to tell them you can’t afford the package (true or not) or that you are going to cancel.  You can always use a get out option like speaking to your partner if you need to should they call your bluff.

Do a little research on other available deals before you call so you have some facts and figures to throw at them.  Be polite and friendly and be straight to the point – don’t hint at wanting a deal as they will likely ignore those hints!  Don’t be put off with more channels for the same price, either. The aim is to reduce your monthly cost. Get control of your spending.

These are a few tips to help you get control of your TV subscription spending.  It can quickly escalate into a major monthly payment, but you do have room to make changes and even haggle with providers.  They do value every customer, so make the most of that.

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