How to win an entire shopping spend back with Boom25

Cashback programs and sites have been on the rise for some time – after all, who doesn’t love earning money while they’re shopping? The downside is, often times, you’re only making a fraction of what you get back and may need to spend hundreds of pounds just to make pennies.

That’s where Boom25 steps in! They’re a brand new cashback site that offers you a 1 in 25 chance (at least!) of getting a full refund – immediately. To qualify, just make a purchase as you normally would and keep your fingers crossed that you’re the 25th shopper in line!


So What Exactly Is Boom25?

Boom25 is an app that helps you win your shopping spends back! Through Boom25, you can find a variety of top online retailers that who are happy to help reward customers for shopping. Simply click through to your shop of choice, make a purchase, and you’ll be automatically qualified to win back your money!

Boom25 has partnered with a whopping 843 retailers and they’re always adding more. From holiday booking platforms to pet care sites to top names in fashion and online supermarkets, no matter what it is you want or need, there’s no doubt you’ll find it through Boom25.

Since launching in July 2017, Boom25 has gathered quite the fan-base on social media and has acquired 1,000s of Facebook followers. Co-founder and CEO, Giora Mandel, says the idea was born out of the desire to make cashback shopping more exciting – and profitable – for customers.

“We want to put the thrill back into online shopping by giving people the opportunity to win cashback on purchases made online. Traditional cashback sites in the UK are boring, we want to change it!” says Mandel. Cashback is boring, Boom is in!


How Does the Cashback System Work? 

It’s easy – the Boom system gives cashback to every 25th shopper, although with some promotional offers, it’s the 15th, 10th or even 8th shopper that wins their money back! So make sure when you register you sign-up to their newsletters and follow the Facebook page to take advantage of more of those promotional offers.

Shop your favourite stores through Boom and if you’re the Xth shopper – you’ll be getting your entire spend back!


Where Does the Money Come From?

Retailers on Boom25 pay an average commission of 4% per purchase – all of which goes straight into a pool. Every 25th spend, whether it’s a pot plant or a plane ticket, will win the shopper a full refund on their purchases, which comes from the pool. They will be notified via email immediately after their purchase and their refund will be deposited into their PayPal account.

Then the counter starts over and they wait for the next 25th shopper… so the odds are always in your favour!


How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up is simple! Download the Boom25 app and create an account by entering your name, email address and chosen password. It’s fast and free and then, Boom! – you’re ready to start shopping!

Once you’ve started shopping, all your purchases and winnings will be saved in your personal dashboard.


Is There a Limit to What I Can Win?

No, there isn’t! If you spent £10 on a t-shirt, you’ll receive £10 pounds back. If you spent £3,000 on a holiday, you’ll receive £3,000 back – the rules are that simple.

The largest Boom25 win to date is £3,670 and altogether Boom25 has given over £504,165 in cashback to their customers!

Sign up to Boom25 now.

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