Deal of the Week: Helix ruler under £1

You can never have enough stationary! Especially when you can pick up this 150mm ruler for just 88p from Amazon (+FREE delivery)!


  • Clear. Dimensions Size 150mm.
  • Printed 1/10, 1/16, millimetres/centimetres
  • Packed 1
  • Eco-Aware – Yes , Environment Support – Biodegradable


“This is a great little ruler. Six inches of measuring power all in a straight line, and even centimeters if you prefer. The numbers are very clear and highlighted in a charming blue. The other half (Mr Geek) was bemoaning the fact that he had no six inch ruler (he’d lost it) in his collection of junk (I mean highly important paraphenalia) and I was on the point of ordering some other stuff which infuriatingly was just under the £20 to qualify for free postage and so I though ‘what the heck’ I shall spoil Mr Geek by purchasing him a brand new six inch ruler, ‘hang the expense’. Of course the ruler arrived separately from the other stuff. I would say if you are in need of a small, linear measuring device at a very reasonable cost, you like to see through the measuring device to the item you are measuring and are a fan of cobalt blue then this is just the item for you. At 28p you could even indulge yourself too.”

“I get through way more rulers than your average Joe.

The reason why is because for some reason I keep loosing all of them at school. Maybe there’s a ruler thief at school that I don’t know about :/

But this ruler I may actually go out of my way to keep. Not also do you have your average 15cm and 6in measurements, but you have measurements from a center point, which is really useful in my product design classes.”

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Disclaimer: Accurate at time of posting.

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