7 ways to save money studying a degree

Higher education doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are many ways to cut the cost of obtaining a degree. Here are just 7 ways to spend less studying at university.


Study online

There are many courses that can be studied online such as this online MBA. These courses can often be cheaper, plus you don’t have to pay the fees of living on campus. Many people choose online courses to give them flexibility – it’s possible to work a job more easily around an online course or manage other commitments such as raising children.


Look for a sponsored course

Some companies offer sponsored courses. As a result you could have your entire studies paid for, however as an exchange you’re usually expected to work for the company that sponsored you once you’ve obtained your degree. Many of the companies that offer these degrees are successful and prestigious. By taking one of these courses, you could be free of student debt whilst having a degree and a secure job at the end of it.


Study abroad

Studying abroad could also save costs in some cases. Courses in countries such as Germany are free even to foreign students. Many of these courses are in English so you won’t have to learn another language. You will of course have to pay money to travel to this country, but with this cost added on top you could still save money compared to studying in your own country.


Download e-books

Many courses have an extensive reading list. You are often required to buy these books yourself. In such cases, you’re much better off buying e-books – these are much cheaper than paperback books. You may of course want to invest in an e-reader to read these on (you’ll probably still save money in the long run).


Share resources

It’s possible to also share resources with fellow students. This could include books, printers and even computers. If you’re studying on campus, you’ll more easily be able to discuss this option with course mates.


Take advantage of free university resources

Your university is likely to be able to supply many resources for free. Most university buildings have computer areas where you can use a PC for free. Whilst you may have a paper and ink quota, you may also be able to use the printers here for free. On top of this, every university has its own library where you can borrow books for free. It’s also worth talking to your university support team if you come from a low-income background – you may be eligible for other free resources such as books and equipment (some universities even allow certain students to rent out laptops for free).


Make use of student discounts

Being a student can also give you access to various discounts. With an NUS card (available only to students), it’s possible to get discounts on everything from restaurant meals to clothes. You could also get discounts on train travel with a student railcard and discounts on driving courses.

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