Deal of the Week: Papermate InkJoy 100

Get your hands on a two pack of genuine branded Papermate InkJoy 100 pen for £0.83 plus FREE Delivery. Now that’s an inktastic deal! Papermate makes some of the finest pens out there which will last you for years!


Spread joy with InkJoy! Featuring vivid ink colours that make writing more fun, Paper Mate InkJoy 100ST Ballpoint Pens bring excitement to your notes, doodles, and drawings. Each pen in this brilliant assortment has a 0.5mm ballpoint tip that smoothly tracks your writing movements to create crisp, solid lines. And with ultra-smooth ink, each pen provides a steady and dependable flow that keeps up with your ideas.

  • Ultra-smooth ink keeps your thoughts flowing and eases the process of writing
  • Stick pen featuring the InkJoy writing system for effortless writing
  • Reliable and fluid to draw clean lines from beginning to end
  • 0.5 mm ultra fine point spreads ink perfectly
  • Includes 2 Black ballpoint pens


Superb pens! The nicest deep, dark, sumptuous black writing of any pen out there.

I mean it – I’m totally OCD about pens: and these are unbeatable in terms of the quality of writing they produce. Those posh Waterman/Parker pens don’t come close. And I’ve tried them all! [The only other pen that could come close is a Pentel Superb].

With these pens, you get a lovely, smooth, deep black line, right from the off! No need to wear them in, like you do a Bic orange. Because the ink flows so nicely to the nib, you get a lovely smooth, dark, luxurious line. Because a decent amount of ink gets to the nib so readily, you can sometimes get a bit of blobbing, but the occasional small ink blob adds a lot of character to your script. Because the nib is so fine, you can make your writing really “hi-res”.

I really wish you could use the ink refill inside these in a more “posh” pen. The cheap outside of these pens belie the gorgeous quality of the writing these beauties generate. It would be great if you could make them work with a Parker/ Waterman/Montblanc or something.
Because I’m so fussy about these things, I’ve found I use these pens all the time, whilst my posh pens languish in the drawer. Unfortunately they just don’t come close to the quality of writing of these little beauties.

As a bonus, they cost next to nothing to buy.

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Disclaimer: Accurate at time of posting.

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