An apartment vs. house: Which one is better?

Apartment Vs. House, which one is better?

It’s a clever question, but we are afraid we will need to explain a bit. Therefore, here are a few reasons why people should invest in an apartment instead of a house. So, carefully read the following:


The Price

Amenities come at a cost. Apartment properties come with added perks including security, parking space, backup power, and water systems. They even have fire safety systems. If you buy an individual house, you will need extra effort to install these setups. It will incur extra cost. It’s possible you spend around 2-3% of your property’s value on these amenities.

You would need a small power back up and a solution with good water management. Security will remain a constraint. But if you are living in an apartment society, then the developer will offer these services for the first 2 to 3 years. Later, these services will be taken over by a Resident Welfare Association.



If you are buying the property with a home loan, you should know that companies offer relief when it comes to independent property. Lending companies usually prepare a list of authorized properties from where you can get your loan approved. Bank sanctions a loan for independent properties after strict scrutiny of borrowers. This lending can be a bit difficult for independent properties thanks to the share of the unaccounted case.

Also, it’s rather challenging to ascertain the value of independent houses.  If you are interested in investing in a plot, you should know some companies only offer 60-70% of the entire value. You need to arrange the rest of the money on your own. You will also have to pay for the stamp duty and registration charges.

Once you take care of these, you can consider taking a construction loan from your bank over these burrowing.


Buying Under Construction

In the case you are interested in buying a house under construction, you will face some challenges. However, you will have an easier time if you make investments in an apartment. If you want to buy land to build property, it will take a lot of time and effort.

If you make investments in an apartment, you will be at the mercy of the developer.  Issues like cash crunch, poor financial scenario, rising costs of material, labor and poor sales often lead to construction delays.



The story is not finished, once you own the property, you will need to carefully maintain it. The costs of maintaining an apartment are not as high as a house.  With the pooled resources of an apartment complex, cost of services reduces drastically. These services need less time and effort as compared to a house.



If you are looking at 2 bed flats to rent in Dundee as an asset you will sell in future; then you are doing the right thing. Apartments have high demand and better ROI than a house. It’s easy to sell an apartment, especially 2 or 3 bed, hall and kitchen units.   


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