DIY kitchens: 3 changes almost anyone can make on a budget

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We spend a lot of time in our kitchen nowadays, so it makes sense to have it attractively fitted-out. Yet that doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of pounds remodelling it; by following some of these easy, simple and cheap DIY projects you can renovate your kitchen on a fraction of the normal budget. And the best thing? You don’t have to be an interior decorator to get started on these ideas: a little bit of creativity and hard work are the most important ingredients at work here.


A Fresh Lick of Paint

You would be amazed at the difference a fresh coat of paint can make to a kitchen, or any room for that matter. Whether you want to plump for a totally new colour scheme or just to go over the original coating, painting your kitchen walls and cabinets can make the room feel brand new, giving it an extra lease of life and providing the perfect foundation for future DIY projects you’re going to undertake.

Painting the kitchen can also add new features – have you ever thought about going over some of your fridge in chalkboard paint, for instance, to make for a handy little shopping list where you need it most? You could even paint an old chopping board and hang it on the wall, scribbling a motivational message of the day in chalk.


Freshen Up Your Current Things

You don’t necessarily have to add anything to your kitchen to give it a new feel. By repainting and redesigning some of the things you already have there, you can give the room a consistent feel in line with its overall colour scheme. If you’re using old Tupperware and jars to store things, why not paint them all the same colour for a more uniformed look?

You could use tape and a pot of paint to add some colourful stripes to wooden spoons and other utensils, whilst painting the edge of your cutting boards is a simple yet effective way of tying together the colour scheme of your kitchen.


Reuse Old Titbits

It’s time to get creative! Reusing and repurposing odd bits from around the house is a great way to freshen up your kitchen – and very economical, too. If you’re throwing away a chest of drawers you could repaint and reuse one of them as a vintage breakfast tray, which would go very nicely on top of your Fisher Paykel dishwasher.

Adding hooks to an old wooden pallet can transform it into a handy holder for all sorts of utensils, whilst this clever hack will show you how to turn a picture frame and a planter box into another cool kitchen storage feature.


Whether you want to repaint the walls, redesign your current utensils, or reuse the things you don’t need from other parts of your house, hopefully these ideas have given you a taster of the multitude of DIY projects you could get going with to make your kitchen look brand new again.


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