What does it mean to be a MoneyMagpie?

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Well for a start, being a MoneyMagpie means being you!

Just by reading this, checking out our newsletter each week and taking part in our reward scheme,  you are – by definition – a MoneyMagpie.

Yes, you’re it. A savvy, fun-loving, normal dude who believes there’s more to life than what seems to be allotted to you so you look around for opportunities to make a bit of extra cash, get fun stuff for free and find ways to share and give where possible.

But what about the specifics?


What are the main qualities of a MoneyMagpie?

spending on what you need and love…only

If you’re a MoneyMagpie you still spend money..oh yes! But you don’t fritter it away on stuff that doesn’t matter.

You think (a bit) about what you’re spending on and you make sure it’s something you either need or really love.

You don’t spend on things that don’t really matter to you, however much of a ‘bargain’ the shops say it is and however many other people spend on it. You think for yourself and and only spend when you think it’s worth it.


Saving and investing a little each month

You might not earn squillions (who does?) but you still manage to save and even invest each month.

MoneyMagpies set up monthly standing orders (nice and automatic so we don’t have to think) from the current account into a savings account, at least one investment (probably a stocks and shares ISA) and maybe into a pension too if they’re not already enrolled in a workplace pension scheme.

Even if it’s just a tenner a month, it’s worth doing and we know that over time the money will mount up so we’re all right in the short-term and long-term.

What does it mean to be a MoneyMagpie?


making the most of the free things in life

Ooh MoneyMagpies love a freebie!

That’s why we have our Thursday Freebies newsletter (sign up here) and why we let you know about all the free stuff you can enjoy any time of the year.

There’s our local libraries, free things to have on Freecycle and Gumtree Free Stuff, walks in the park, picnics with the family, playing board games with friends and even free food you can find in surprising places!


giving and sharing

The other great way to get things for free, we know, is by sharing what you have with neighbours and friends. That way we all get to have more without spending extra.

We give our time, our money and our things too because we know that’s where real riches are and MoneyMagpies are all aiming for ‘a richer life’.


living – not worrying about money

Are MoneyMagpies obsessed with making and saving money?


They aim for a life of living, not obsession.

Money needs to be put in its place: not ahead of us as something we’re desperately chasing after, not behind us as something we are afraid of, but sitting underneath us, supporting the life we want to lead.

MoneyMagpies put money in its place and, once they have set up healthy habits of saving and spending, they get on with their life and only think about money when they have to.


Looking for easy ways to make a bit of extra cash

MoneyMagpies aren’t obsessed with making money, but they don’t pass up a good opportunity if it comes there way.

They’ll mystery shop, take part in online surveys, house sit and do all kinds of other easy things to make sure they have the money they need.

As a MoneyMagpie, make sure you’re signed up to our reward scheme where you can earn £5 for basically doing nothing!


How do MoneyMagpies live day-to-day?

MoneyMagpies are you and me. So tell me (in the comments below) how do you live your life day-to-day?

The MoneyMagpies I know are just like anyone else. But they’re a bit more ‘sorted’ than the norm.

That’s not to say they’re perfect in every way, like Mary Poppins, but they tend to be a bit more together than many others because they’re aiming for real life and real living rather than being pushed around by the pressures of media, advertising, friends and even their boss!

MoneyMagpies make their own decisions.

  • They spend on what they love or need to spend on and save regularly
  • They’re not slaves to fashion but they like what they like
  • They enjoy the free things in life including time with family and friends, a beautiful sunset, the love of animals
  • They keep abreast of the news and new technology (though not slavishly) and they keep learning new skills and ideas
  • They share what they have and give as much as they are able both in money and time.


What are the benefits of being a MoneyMagpie?

MoneyMagpie_peace of mind

Peace of mind, fun and a rewarding life.

Seriously. If you spend less than you earn, regularly save and invest the rest and aim to give and share as much as you can, that sorts out a lot of the nuisances and irritations of life.

It’s not going to solve everything, but it will go a long way towards a better life.

It means you’re not so worried about not having enough, you know there are money-making opportunities all over the place and you have enriching relationships with friends, family and strangers.


Celebrity MoneyMagpies

So the original MoneyMagpie is me – Jasmine Birtles!

I came up with the name. I set up the website. I run the website (well, I don’t really…MoneyMagpie Marc Crosby is the real big cheese, but it lets me think I do!).

If you want to find out more about what I’m doing at the moment, check out my website, my Twitter feed or my Instagram page.


kelly brook

Kelly Brook

I met Kelly Brook a few months ago when we did a radio job together and I was thoroughly impressed by her attitude to work and money.

She is definitely a MoneyMagpie!

Kelly told me that she loves to work. Her agent gets her lots of gigs – presenting, acting, modelling and general appearances – and that’s how she likes it. She enjoys being out and about and doing her thing even if she doesn’t make so much money from the gig (at least that’s what she told me!).

She also told me that she invests a lot of the money she makes…or rather she has a financial advisor who does it for her. She said she will be rich by the time she’s in her fifties (i.el she won’t need to work) but she doesn’t see herself stopping the work just because she can. She enjoys being active.


kriss akabusi

I’ve known Kriss for years and he’s a great example of someone who doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet. Given his incredible athletic performances in the Olympics you would probably guess that anyway!

Kriss is a deep thinker and motivational speaker at conferences and other business events. He’s also a regular on Sky Sunrise.

Kriss has a really good business head on him and knows how to manage his money.


eamonn holmes

Eamonn Holmes

I’ve also known Eamonn for years and, as you will know from seeing him and his wife Ruth on the box regularly, he is constantly active, interested and on top of his game.

Eamonn is very interested in money matters and we often chat about the latest financial happenings on his Talk Radio show and on This Morning when he’s presenting with Ruth.


eleri sion

The wonderful and ebullient Eleri Sion presents the lunchtime show on BBC Radio Wales and she is a MoneyMagpie par excellence!

Eleri has saved loads of money on her insurances, her home bills and on her bank account. She is great at truffling out clever ways to make money and has some good investing ideas too.

I do the money hour on her programme every Wednesday and we have a great time finding out about new laws and opportunities for everyone to make more of their money. Check out her programme on the BBC website here.

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