The January Transfer window, for everybody!

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Each January, football clubs in Europe are allowed to buy and sell players in an attempt to improve their team or raise much needed funds.

The transfer window offers clubs the opportunity to make improvements half way through the season, some of which can have a transformative effect on their success, something that we believe you could take inspiration from!

So, as millions of pounds are swapped from club to club all around Europe, why not join in the fun and carry out some of your town transfer business, by getting rid of the things you don’t need or use and getting hold of more effective goods or services. 

Here’s the top 5 transfers to make in your life this January.

In – Dry January

dry January

The health benefits of giving up alcohol for a month are astounding so taking part in dry January during the transfer window is a no brainer.

This free transfer will provide stamina, energy, weight loss, reduced risk of cancer and heart disease and improved sleep.

Check out our dedicated guide on the benefits of dry Jan by clicking here. 

Out – Unwanted Christmas Presents

unwanted presents

You could make a healthy profit and boster your transfer funds by getting rid of unwanted Christmas presents in January, and there are a huge number of marketplaces that you can use to do so. 

By finding buyers, you can make some extra money and reduce the amount of clutter in your home. 

Check out our guide to getting rid of unwanted presents by clicking here.

In – Light

winter sun

During the winter months, getting enough sunlight can be an issue as the short days cut exposure to natural light.

As a result, many people feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, which happens when the body doesn’t get enough vitamin D, which is delivered from the sun. 

Placing extra mirrors in your home, buying a SAD light box or investing in a skylight tube will help you to increase the amount of natural light in your home and help improve your mood and wellness.

Out – Meat 

cut out meat

Though you might be completely against the idea of giving up meat, just trying for the month of January might just be the best decision you ever made. 

Not only is meat expensive, it is also extremely bad for the environment and has a lot of health drawbacks. Even though you can only get certain things from meat, such as iron, you can always use supplements to get your fill, while relying on eggs or quorn for your fill of proteine.

In – Self care

Mental and physical health are key to a happy, long and healthy life, which is why it is critical to look after your body and mind properly. 

During January, it can be difficult to get motivated due to the cold weather and lack of things to look forward to after the high point of New Year and Christmas. 

So deciding to bring self care into your life is a must for a successful winter season.

Check out our video on how to fight the winter blues by using self care.

Out – Toxic people

Though it might be difficult to recognise that somebody is a negative influence on your life and needs to be removed for you to be happy, it is something that you should try to realise if you are struggling. 

If somebody makes you feel bad by critisising you, abusing your relationship or hurting you repetedly emotionally, you need to remove that person from your life. 

Click here to get expert advice for distancing yourself from toxic people. 

In – Different sources of income

increase income

It is incredibly important, especially considering how the UK performs over the next 12 months, to try and develop more than one source of income.

There are SO many ways you can do this and luckily for you, you’re in the perfect place to discover how. Click on any of the links below, or look around in order to find out the best way for you to make more money.

Make money from your friends 

Make money as a market researcher 

Make money from valentines day 

Out – Clutter

It’s said that people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time and the same can be said of most things in a home.

That is why you should take the opportunity in January, when motivation may be at its highest to make changes in life, to get rid of the things you haven’t touched in years. 

Check out this video, from our very own Jasmine Birtles, on the best clutter clearing tactics!

In – Orgnaisation

Being organised can be difficult for some people as it simply does not come naturally to them, however, making an effort to get into the habit of keeping tidy and keeping track of everything in life should be introduced if you are constantly feeling anxious or stressed. 

Trello is a fantastic free online tool which you can use as an app on your phone or on your computer to organise everything in your life.

Or, if you want to keep it simply, try to make lists by splitting tasks into categories for each day and week, you will be amazed how better you will feel when simply writing down your tasks and ticking them off as you go.

Out – Waste

Food waste and plastic waste are incredibly damaging to the environment and if something drastic isn’t changed over the next few years, irreversible damage will be done to the planet and its oceans.

Try to recycle as much plastic as you possibly can and make a compost pile from the food that you would otherwise throw away to do you bit in saving the planet. 

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