10 mistakes for students to avoid in 2019

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If there’s one resolution you absolutely must make this year, it’s to avoid making any mistakes. Now we know what you’re thinking… that sounds obvious!

Yet, it’s just when you take your eye off the ball that those big boo boos wind up happening. As a cash-strapped, pressurised student, the pitfalls are numerous.

So, take a look at our comprehensive Top 10 guide on how to avoid those major missteps. We’re watching your back, so you don’t fall prey to those inevitable snafus…


10. Going on holiday at the end of March/ beginning of April

So you might have heard there’s this thing called Brexit that’s supposed to be happening at the end of March. You haven’t got any trips booked have you?

Here’s the thing. There’s a possibility the UK will crash out of the EU, meaning no deal. And that’s not the time to be out of the country relying on passport control.


9. Having all nighters

There’s a tendency for students to sit up all night having fun, and while it’s alright to do this sometimes, there are times when it definitely isn’t a good idea.

This one’s a no brainer. Exams require a clear head and a decent night’s sleep. Even sitting up revising the night before is asking for trouble in the exam hall.


8. Living badly

Which brings us onto the whole question of lifestyle. Whether knocking back pints or absorbing knowledge, a lack of proper sleep is highly detrimental.

Here’s a simple tip. Develop a sleep routine. It doesn’t suit everyone, but if you can crack the secret of some solid sack time you’re a step closer to success.


7. Eating junk

The student diet is notoriously bad. Piles of junk food or mountains of bland food like beans on toast. Inevitably those pricey takeaways win out. But is there another way…?

Here’s a simple tip

Treat your body like a temple. Don’t turn it into a mess with kebabs and sweets. Treats are supposed to be occasional things, not the norm.


6. Not planning your shop

Hitting the supermarket and filling your trolley with whatever the mood takes you is a common mistake, and one that’s very damaging to your bank balance.

A tip that’s beyond compare

Use price comparison sites to find the best prices on products and plan your shop around that.


5. Ignoring student discounts

When you’re going here, there and everywhere, those expenses soon add up. Discounts are everywhere, and you should always be ready to take advantage.

As well as regularly checking the latest deals online, getting a TOTUM card is a surefire way of accessing reductions on things like meals and tech.


4. Being disorganised

Putting off organising your life only makes the problem worse. Finances, for example, are a major part of that. How do you arrange your in-goings and outgoings?

Now, if your response to that is “what?” then you definitely need to get a handle on your account. A money managing app is a great place to start when learning to budget.


3. Not lining up work

Sadly, few students can just sit there studying in today’s marketplace. To keep yourself afloat you’ll need some income, and this is where big mistakes are made.

Watch out! From choosing bad work to leaving it too late, it’s easy to fall foul of the employment market. Consider all the options to find what’s right for you.

An agency could provide what you’re after, or if you want to get a foot on the career ladder then sites like Upwork give you access to professional freelance contracts.


2. Not making spare cash

When you do get a job, chances are the pay won’t be great. So you shouldn’t stop there. Look into making some extra cash on the side!

It’s so easy. Completing online surveys, selling your stuff, using cashback… the choices are many and varied. Some sites give you all the best options in one place.


1. Working too hard

Yep, we’re taking our foot off the gas for this last tip. Work hard and play hard, but whatever you do, don’t burn out. You’ll be no good to anyone, especially yourself.

Unless you’re constantly chilled, relaxation is a skill that often must be mastered. Get surfing to discover cool ways to blow off steam. Some of the best can be found here.

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