The best freebies available to students

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Students are known for being cash-strapped and always on the lookout for a discount. Well there are discounts… and then there’s free!

A surprising number of student freebies exist, you just have to know where to look. That’s where our guide comes in, showing you the ultimate zero cost options.

These 5 easy tips point you in the right direction, meaning you’ll be living better for less – in fact less than less! – as you negotiate your busy student existence…


5. Eating

There are some amazing freebies out there for sustenance. It doesn’t matter whether you like takeaway or healthy eating, there’s a free choice out there for you.

This is great. Olio is a food sharing app that means unwanted ingredients don’t go to waste. If you’re hungry, connect with people in your area and grab some free eats.

Alternatively a tasty takeout is yours for the scoffing if you use cashback. A free meal to the value of £15 is on offer via Just Eat if you sign up to TopCashback 

Also keep your eyes peeled for any social events on campus. These are bound to have free food and drink, to tempt in potential visitors.


4. Fitness

Exercise may not be the first thing on your mind as a pub-frequenting student, but with the rise of ready meals and cheap alcohol it’s really important to think about.

We know what you’re thinking. Getting fit means a hefty gym subscription. But did you know some unis have facilities to use on site for free?

Plus you don’t have to rely on indoors when you have the Great Outdoors. Local parks are a free space to practice those squat thrusts. (Just avoid in wintry weather!)

Above all you should know what you’re doing, especially if you’re a beginner. Fitness apps can be free, and act like personal trainers in your pocket.


3. Entertainment

Studying can really put the strain on your brain. That’s why R ‘n R is essential to maintaining a good work/life balance. And there are great freebies here too!

Here’s the thing. A free trial with Amazon Prime Student gives you access to a wealth of streaming content, as well as an online library, over 6 months.

You also get free delivery on items should you fancy doing a bit of spending. But it’s worth remembering that once the trial ends you’ll pay £3.99 per month.

Want to get some fresh air in your lungs? There are probably various outdoor events happening in your area where entrance is free.


2. Products

A brilliant way to fill your spare time and bag some goodies for free is testing products and services for various companies. Sounds great, but how does it work?

It’s quite simple. Just fill out a survey, and in exchange you’re rewarded with freebies which would otherwise cost a packet. All it takes is a bit of typing.

Or you could go undercover as a mystery shopper and enjoy a delicious meal without paying a penny, or browse the clothes racks and report back to your bosses.

With these options you can get your hands on the latest mind-blowing gadgets or bankruptcy-inducing fashion for absolute zero.


1. Work

While reading about all these freebies, you may have forgotten that at uni there’s serious work to be done. Thankfully you can get stuff for your studies without paying.

Now, by using online survey sites such as Toluna you receive Currys PC World vouchers. These are great for putting towards a laptop or some important software.

And don’t forget, whether you’re spending or not, there’s always cashback. Just sign up to a company such as Quidco and get paid to shop!

This is a pretty decent freebie. By clicking on the links as you check out, cashbackers hand you back a healthy percentage of what you laid out. But enough about shopping.

The ultimate free resource for effective study is of course your student library. It’s there to be used – knowledge is power, and at the library this costs nothing!


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