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As we reach the end of February, how many of us will admit our new year’s resolutions to spend more wisely or save money haven’t quite gone according to plan?

The problem is that it’s all too easy to part with our money – whether it’s getting the shoes to go with the dress, a weekend away for a friend’s birthday, or upgrading to a new smart TV.

This is where newly launched PinkDot comes in.

PinkDot is a free online shopping tool that highlights offers without changing the way you browse, search or shop, allowing you to spend AND save.

The easy-to-use tool is a free desktop browser add-on and, once installed, follows you as you shop, pinpointing special offers directly in your Google search results or when visiting your favourite retailers’ websites.

Working with over 2,700 online retail brands, with 45,000 live offers at any one time, across popular fashion, travel, beauty & wellness, homewares, gifts, groceries and media brands, PinkDot has been designed to save shoppers valuable time and help make their hard-earned cash go further.


Win Prizes

As well as maximising budgets and saving users time, PinkDot is gamifying the online shopping experience by placing 25 percent of its revenue (commission from retail partners) from every purchase into prize pots to be paid back to winning ‘PinkDotters’, drawn at random. With every approved purchase, users automatically collect tickets that are entered into five different prize draw pots, providing the chance to win £10, £100, £1,000, £10,000 or £100,000 in cash.




And Give to Good Causes

Shopping through PinkDot also automatically makes every shopper an online philanthropist, generating funds for good causes at zero cost to the user. Another 25 percent of PinkDot revenue from approved purchases goes directly into a charity pot that donates £1,000 a time to verified charities around the world.

“With online shopping continuing to dominate the way we spend and a growing trend of discount shopping, I wanted to create simple-to-use tool that truly helps the consumer find the right deals without disrupting the online shopping experience,” says PinkDot founder, Nico Nicholas. “It was a no-brainer to create a system that gifts 50 per cent of revenue to reward users for their loyalty, whilst also raising money for charities, as we firmly believe in the importance of spending consciously.”


How does it work?

PinkDot is updated every hour, searching for offers and discounts directly in your Google search results, allowing you to easily spot the best discounts and deals without leaving the page. And, if you don’t see what you want? PinkDot will also let you know about new offers that are coming soon.


How do I become a PinkDotter?

  1. Visit Shop to install the tool in just one click
  2. Search for products in Google as normal – PinkDot will appear directly in your google search results, highlighting live and upcoming offers


Head directly to your favourite retail website – PinkDot will reveal the best live and upcoming deals for that retailer

  1. Purchase through the PinkDot widget and/or use PinkDot voucher codes at checkout to save money, win money and donate to charity
  2. Using PinkDot does not affect prices on retailers’ websites
  3. It does not cost anything to download or purchase through PinkDot
  4. PinkDot is currently available for Chrome desktop users. Other browsers – including Firefox, IE and Edge – and a dedicated mobile app will follow. Mobile users or those using other browsers can start shopping with PinkDot (and start collecting prize draw tickets and donating to good causes) by accessing retailer sites via the PinkDot website.

Saving money online really is as simple as that.

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