How to save on car hire – 2019’s most cost effective getaways

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Renting a car can be a budget-friendly way to get off the beaten track and create some truly memorable experiences on your holidays.

Maybe you’re planning to whisk your special someone away on a romantic minibreak and you’re keen to impress with a convertible.  Or perhaps you’ve got the kids in tow and could use some extra legroom in the back.

If you want to push the boat out, you’ll need to know where best to do it.  And if not, focusing on getting the most appropriate car group for your needs will mean you don’t spend more than you need to.

A spokesperson, said: “When you hire a car you choose a car group rather than an exact model, depending on what sort of driving you’re planning on doing, how many seats you need, how much luggage you’re taking and the type of gearbox you like to use.

“Prices for different car groups vary from one destination to the next – doing your homework in advance can help you make your dream holiday a reality.”

Booking through an online broker like gives you access to the best deals from the world’s top-rated car hire providers – and they compare six million prices every day to help your budget go further.

We’ve had a look at the cheapest destinations for a range of popular car groups over the past couple of years to help inspire your 2019 travel plans.


Holiday beach


1. Convertible cars – cheapest in Spain

Ever dreamt of cruising down the coast with the wind in your hair? The Spanish Costas have been hugely popular with tourists for many years now.

Some are well known, like the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, while others remain relatively unexplored.  The Blue Flag beaches of Costa Ballena, in the south west corner of Spain, are popular with Spanish families, for example, but are still waiting to be discovered by most Brits.

And you can rent a convertible in Spain for an average £22.10 a day – about the same as hiring a compact car in Cyprus (£22.68), or an economy car in Croatia (£22.19).  It’s also far cheaper than hiring a convertible in neighbouring France, which costs on average £37.31 per day, or Italy, where it will set you back a whopping £72.50 a day.


2. Estate cars – cheapest in Slovakia

Slovakia’s charms are many. The capital Bratislava’s old town is postcard-pretty, while the spectacular Tatra Mountains National Park is a hotspot for winter and summer sports.

It’s especially good for families who enjoy the outdoors and it’s also a relatively compact country, ideal for exploring by car.

If you’re packing for the family, the extra space of an estate car is a must and costs an average of just £19.63 a day. That’s the same as hiring a compact car in the UK (£19.67), or an economy model in Australia (£19.76) or Denmark (£19.43).



3. Luxury cars – cheapest in Brazil

Brazil is a bucket list destination for many, with its tropical climate, beautiful beaches and laid-back lifestyle.

Who wouldn’t want to sip a caipirinha on Copacabana beach, or tour the amazing architecture of Brasilia to a bossa nova soundtrack?

You can fly direct from most major UK airports, and if you’re going to push the boat out and take a trip to Brazil, why not go the whole hog and hire a luxury car too?

It can be yours for just £48.92 a day, which is less than the cost of hiring a compact car in Luxembourg (£49.67) or an economy car in Iceland (£53.83).


4. People carriers – cheapest in South Africa

Think of South Africa and you probably think ‘safari’.  It’s true that you can spot the big five – lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino – all year round, but there is so much more to South Africa than the exotic animals.

It’s well known for its wine and is rapidly developing a reputation as a destination for foodies, while history buffs will find cave paintings drawn by some of the first humans to walk the earth.  And it goes without saying that the beaches are beautiful.

So, why not take the whole family? You can hire a people carrier for just £34.57 a day, the same as hiring a compact in Austria (£34.37), or an economy car in Finland (£35.52)

A bonus for Brits is that South Africans drive on the left too!


5.SUVs – cheapest in Slovenia

Unlike its neighbor Croatia, which is now a firm favourite with tourists, Slovenia remains unfairly undiscovered.

If there’s one thing that Slovenia is good at, it’s spectacular scenery.  The tranquil yet spectacular countryside is characterised by mountains and lakes as beautiful as any in the Alps.

The lush green landscape is home to fairytale castles and quaint villages, with artisan wine and cheese producers that guarantee a hospitable welcome.

The mountainous landscape means a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) will come in handy, and it will set you back just £23.76 a day.  For the same price, you’d only be able to afford a compact car in Malta (£23.64), or an economy model in neighbouring Italy (£23.98)

For more car hire tips from the experts at, including guides to the different car groups, click here.

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