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Powering your business can be an expensive process, so you’re going to want to be as well informed as possible before entering into a contract with a provider.

There’re many things to consider when looking for a reliable business gas provider, rate being one – but not the only – significant factor to take into account.

When deciding, it’s important to change your domestic mentality. Your business isn’t powered like your home. From supply to costs, you’ll have to carefully think about what your gas is going to fuel and where it’s coming from.

Whether you’re looking to switch energy providers, or new to the world of business gas suppliers, here are some important things you should be aware of to make the most informed decision possible:


Things You Should Never Overlook when Looking for a Business Gas Provider

The needs of business clients differ from residential customers since they have bigger premises, their usage is higher, and the potential loss of earnings if supply is disrupted could be extremely high. Consequently, your business gas provider has to provide:

  • Flexible invoicing options
  • Automated e-billing, and meter readings
  • Account managers and corporate account teams
  • Technical teams that can fix problems swiftly
  • Flexible payment plans, fixed price points, and competitive pricing,
  • Excellent customer service with quick response times
  • Commitment to sustainable energy projects
  • Offer energy saving guidance tailored towards your company in addition to helping you comply with government energy legislation
  • Discounts and reward schemes for customer loyalty
  • Bespoke contracts


5 of the Best UK-Based Business Gas Providers

Now let’s take a look at five of the best business gas suppliers:


1.  Corona

Corona Energy might not be a popular name, but they’re the biggest provider of natural gas to UK businesses. They pride themselves on first-rate customer support and the ability to provide just what a business wants as they have many years of experience in this field.

Key Features:

  • Business-only energy provider
  • SME-friendly business energy products
  • Automated Meter Readings for convenient and accurate billing
  • Variable-rate contracts, and Fixed-rate contracts from 1 year to 5 years
  • Easy online account management on their specially made site


2. Total Gas and Power

Total Gas and Power supply large, medium and small businesses with an assortment of packages to suit its diverse client base.

They supply exclusively to businesses, with tailored services and products based on their needs.

Key Features:

  • Personalized energy products for businesses only
  • Electricity and gas services tailored to different types of businesses
  • Fixed contracts from 4 to 1 year
  • 100 percent renewable energy tariffs
  • Price cuts for direct debit payments


3. British Gas

British Gas is Great Britain’s largest energy provider, and they’re a competitive business gas provider too. They offer dedicated business customer service, online quotes, competitive fixed pricing, and incentives for clients to switch.

Key Features:

  • Longest-serving and biggest business energy provider in the UK
  • Tailor-made electricity and gas products for all types of businesses
  • Fixed-rate contracts of 3, 2 and 1year with a 3 months notice period
  • Free boiler services for up to 70 kW
  • Price cuts for businesses with many locations


4. N Power

N Power is a big and reliable gas provider, with around four million clients in the UK alone. They’ve excellent online resources to help you control your consumption and account.

Key Features:

  • Fixed contracts from 3 to 1 year
  • A diversity of available payment options with additional discounts
  • Vast supply network with over five million clients
  • UK-based call center for better customer service
  • Business switching consultants


5. E.ON

E.ON is one of the Big Six energy suppliers in the UK with millions of clients. They’re a leading force in green energy technology.

Key Features:

  • Award-winning customer service
  • Online account management
  • No #1 renewable energy provider
  • Fixed contracts from to 3 to 1 year


How to Choose a Business Gas Provider

Don’t just go for the first business gas provider you come across. Always compare quotes from as many providers as possible. This will make sure that you get the best deal and aren’t squandering a lot of money on a service that isn’t right for your business.

When comparing business gas providers, there’ re a few questions you should ask yourself to help you make the right decision:

  • Do they offer the type of tariff that best suits your business requirements?
  • What is the price quoted? Could you find a better price elsewhere?
  • Do they provide paperless billing or online account management?
  • Are their customer support reps easy to get hold of?
  • Do they offer any additional services like repair or smart meter installation?


How to Save on Your Commercial Gas Bills

When running a business there’re many costs you have to incur, and the importance of reducing needless expenditures is supreme.

In the business sector, like launderette, restaurants, pubs, takeaways, and hotels the energy consumption is huge, and this builds up the energy expenses thus adding to your woes.

However, there’re a few things you can do to cut your costs:

  • Start with an energy assessment: Before you start making changes in your business, it’s worth finding out where your business uses the most energy.
  • Start making changes: Once your energy assessment gives you an idea of where savings can be made, you can embark on making changes to help cut your business’s energy consumption.
  • Negotiate a better deal: It’s possible to negotiate a better deal from your provider if you do the preparation and know the areas where there is wiggle room.
  • Switch: Switching energy providers is easy and can knock hundreds of pounds off your bills.
  • Make your business premises more eco-friendly: Solar panels, a new boiler, better insulation… There’re many options out there that could help you save up to £250 yearly.



Business gas suppliers are ready, willing, and eager to give you a deal. That’s why many have special rates you can quickly identify through a price comparison based on business gas prices per Kwh.

If you’re paying too much for your business’s energy, use price comparison engines to your full advantage. Look up the most optimal business gas prices and use this info to get your business’s energy costs in line.

Maybe you can renegotiate with your supplier. Perhaps you can pick the supplier of the lowest business gas rates and strike a deal with them. Whatever you do, you need to get the best energy rates. Your business deserves no less!



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