Utilising your utilities! Helping your home to save you money

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Having everything on in the house can mean that your energy bills gradually creep up over the months and years. And as the energy supplier companies are slowly increasing their costs, this means that we’ve got to take the law into our own hands and find ways to save money around the house. Saving money is of the utmost importance now, and if you’re really looking for a way to cut back on your outgoings, your home is the best place to begin.


Become Energy Efficient

There’s so many ways for you to do this, by installing a smart thermostat, or just turning it down by a couple of degrees, but also, ensuring that you draught proof the property. Insulation, such as those provided by Rundle and Dorey can help you to save money because every time you turn the heating up due to a draught, the heat is escaping and so, you’re wasting money. There are other ways to do this, by investing in double glazing as well as washing your clothes at a lower temperature, but being energy efficient is all about getting into the mindset of saving money. And the first thing you can do is switch energy suppliers. The cheapest you get, you’ll see the difference in every aspect of your life.


Make The Most Of Your Food

Because we’ve got into the habit of throwing everything out as soon as it passes its sell-by date, this means we got to buy more items to replace the ones we threw out. But instead, there are some very simple habits you can use to get the most out of your food, not just by making a meal plan, or buying frozen vegetables instead of fresh, you can get into the habit of buying items online. Now, you may think that buying food items online will cost you more money, because of the delivery fee, but because you will only buy the items that you need, rather than giving into temptation while walking up and down the shopping aisles, you’ll see the difference.


Learn To Haggle

Quite a fine art, especially in the modern world where we all have numerous broadband and mobile phone bills that can be a struggle to pay off. If you are a dedicated customer and have been for years with one mobile phone provider, can you get a cheaper deal? Or can you get a SIM only contract next time round? If you’ve got a good phone, is there any point in getting the next model, which comes with a few extra goodies, but a heftier price tag? The same goes with your broadband, if you are a dedicated customer, and you see cheaper deals anywhere else, making that phone call to inform them of your intention to leave will force them to give you a far more competitive deal. The fact of the matter is if you can get better broadband, you will have a faster internet connection, and your streaming services won’t buffer as much!


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