The cheapest home printer set-up

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Printers? Aren’t they a bit old hat by now? With QR codes, cloud storage, and online file sharing so widespread these days, you might think that the humble printer is a bit redundant. However, spend time in any office and you’ll find that there’s still a queue to get to the printer (and always someone asking for help about a formatting issue). Whether you run a home business, are working on an essay for university, need to print a card, or just occasionally find that you want to print out a plane ticket instead of relying on your phone, then you’ll definitely need a printer at some point.

As we’re all about saving you money here, we’ll give a few affordable options when it comes to choosing a printer, as well as paper and ink selections.



If you’re looking for something under £100, then you really can’t go wrong from anything in the HP Deskjet series. The 3755 model is well regarded as a trustworthy home-based printer that can print wirelessly from any device, including mobiles. There is also an option to scan documents, although nothing thicker than a piece of paper, as it needs to feed back through the rollers. The 3755 is very compact, so it can fit on a shelf or table without looking out of place. Printed photos come out looking fairly good, but we’d still recommend using a proper printing service, such as the photo counter at Boots, for holiday or family snaps.



One of the major reasons that people have a dislike of printers is because of the high cost of ink cartridges. However, that might just be because you’ve been buying them from the wrong places. Your typical high street shop can charge pretty extortionate prices for printer ink, so much so that you really wonder if the cartridge is actually made from gold instead of plastic! Ordering ink online for your printer model is the way to go, and if you’re incredibly anti-Amazon, then you could try TonerPartner instead and still save a bit of dosh.



Finally, the item you’ll need to actually complete the process! Even if you don’t think you’ll be using the printer dozens of times each month, then it’s still a great move to buy 100% recycled printer paper. Supporting the recycling process and still getting great quality paper means that everyone wins. This type of paper is a tiny bit more expensive than non-recycled options but is easy to pick up from major brands like Staples, Xerox, and Hammermill. In the end, it’s worth it for the environmental impact. The most important thing is to be responsible for paper purchasing, just like the WWF explains.

After all that, happy printing!

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