British Touring Car Championship 2019: The money behind the numbers

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A sport famously associated with British culture, BTCC, or British Touring Car Championship to give its full title, is currently half way through its 2019 season and has already seen plenty of surprises. To celebrate the first year of being the main title sponsor for the season, Kwik Fit have been getting involved within the garages, exploring the sport and feeding back to fans what is going on behind the scenes.

We personally didn’t know the difference between what is involved in a touring car and a road car, but luckily Kwik Fit have us covered on that front. Did you know they strip out the whole inside to make the vehicle as streamline and quick as possible, and the worst part is it doesn’t have air conditioning, so summer racing could be a bit tricky. To gain a top speed of 150 mph around tight corners, you need to spend some money transforming these cars in to competitive vehicles, which obviously costs a bit of money.

So, with that in mind, just how much does it cost to compete in the sport of BTCC? Everything from when it comes to transforming the cars from road car to touring car, along with the money drivers get for winning to the prices to go and see these incredible vehicles in a race, we’ve covered it.

When racing teams and their drivers are transforming a road worthy car into a BTCC machine, the usual target price for a complete car is expected to be around £100,000 depending on the final components used and the running costs. However, this isn’t often the case and it can range in prices all the way up to £200,000 a car, which you wouldn’t want to write off. The TOCA-BTCC engine along is worth £25,000.

If you’re putting that much money into building a car, then you expect to get something back out of it as a return of investment. It is reported that drivers can earn up to £100,000 a season for racing, and that includes the large amount of sponsorship deals included (you can see just by looking at a car how many sponsors are involved), but this varies per driver as soon have paid out of their own money to be included in the race. The winning team at the end of the season can win the final prize of £250,000 too, so definitely worth putting the money and effort in to creating a competitive car.

Are you looking to check out some of the remaining races in the BTCC 2019 season? You can purchase tickets for the price of around £35 with children under 12 going free with a paying adult.

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