5 creative (and cheap) hobbies for crafty people

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Crafty hobbies were made for crafty people, and there are all sorts of amazing arts that those lucky enough to be born with the creative streak can take up. From knitting and sewing to crocheting and cross stitch, the possibilities are endless… the problem is that the consumables can end up costing a pretty penny. From quality yarns to new kits, the cost of these crafty hobbies really does start to add up over time.

The good news is that creative hobbies don’t have to cost the earth. In fact, many can actually be very cheap to take up. So, just what are some low-cost creative hobbies that crafty people can enjoy?

Let’s take a look at 5 fantastic hobbies for crafty people… that can be pleasantly affordable:


1. Gardening

5 creative (and cheap) hobbies for crafty people

If you’ve got a keen eye for detail and spatial planning, it’s easy to transfer your creativity from paper to plants, designing and establishing a beautiful garden space for the whole family to enjoy. It’s a living masterpiece! While you will need a few supplies to start with, such as a mower and hedge trimmer, GTech discount on gardening gadgets do help to keep those initial costs down. And best of all, gardening can actually save you money, especially if you plant your own fruits and vegetables to harvest and eat.


2. Upcycling

5 creative (and cheap) hobbies for crafty people

If your creativity allows you to see potential in items that are perhaps a little past their best, then a great hobby to get into is upcycling; the art of turning something old and knackered into something incredible. There are two great things about upcycling. First, there are no rules, so you can get as creative as you like. Second, it’s a hobby that really doesn’t cost a lot, especially if you find items at car boot sales or charity shops. You could even sell your upcycled items to make money… or turn your hobby into a business!


3. Bullet Journaling

5 creative (and cheap) hobbies for crafty people

If you love scrapbooking but hate the cost of the consumables, then bullet journaling could be an excellent option for you. Also, this hobby is especially great for young adults and students. Imagine if your scrapbook met your diary, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what bullet journaling is. Instead of writing long sentences, it’s more about conveying your thoughts through snappy notes and quick drawings, using more visual arts and less of the written word. All you need is a journal and some pens, so this can be an incredibly low-cost hobby that really satisfies the creative urge.


4. Cooking

5 creative (and cheap) hobbies for crafty people

While cooking may not seem like it’s a particularly crafty hobby, it can be… when you do it right! If you’re the sort of creative person that’s an expert at matching colours and generating jaw-dropping designs, then you’re the sort of creative person that would excel at blending unusual flavours and carefully plating foods to look incredibly mouth-watering. You can even save time and money slow cooking your meals, using cheap cuts of meat which just melt in the mouth when they’ve been simmering all day.


5. Interior Design

5 creative (and cheap) hobbies for crafty people

Interior design is great for crafty people, but it’s also a hobby that is notoriously costly. However, there are ways to indulge in this wonderfully creative hobby without breaking the bank, especially for those who love to paint and draw. How about transforming that dull wall in your kitchen with a hand-painted mural? Or using your artistic skills to spruce up those tired-looking kitchen cupboards? All you need is paints and brushes, which most keen artists will already have lying around at home anyway.


It’s Time to Get Creative

While we often think only of crafty hobbies as being suitable for crafty people, there are actually many alternative creative entertainments that allow crafty people to use their skills and indulge in their passions without paying for expensive consumables. The creative flair can be used pretty much anywhere, helping you to hone and expand your skills while keeping your outgoings to a minimum.

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