Health insurance when traveling abroad – What you need to know to save money and trouble

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People prefer health insurance to avoid the huge expenses that come with the treatment of serious illness or accidents in their own country. So, how can they ever imagine going to an entirely different Nation without it, where the language, culture and health care system are unfamiliar? You must know that as a tourist it will cost you a lot at the foreign hospitals even if your situation is not that serious. So, never forget to have your travel health insurance if you are traveling abroad.


Why you must have travel health insurance?

People often think that they do not need to have travel health insurance because they do not know much about foreign issues. However, there are countries where the government will track and charge you with a huge amount for having surgery there, for example, France. Moreover, when you go to a different environment, there are many health problems that you might face due to polluted water and due to sanitation related problems. You may also have a traffic accident unexpectedly. People do not consider these but when they happen, health insurance can be your only savior.


Difference Between Travel Insurance and Travel Health Insurance

Travel insurance is a trip-related insurance, health insurance may or may not be included by it. On the other hand, travel health insurance solely concentrates on health and medical issues. Problems covered by health insurance include cancelation of flights and transportation, and theft, lost or delayed luggage. It is generally 4% to 10% of the total expenses of the trip, obviously more expensive than travel health insurance. The cost of health insurance is estimated after the traveler’s age, trip duration and the coverage amount are taken into account.

Sometimes people think that travel insurance is a synonym to international health insurance, but that’s not true, as they intended to cover different contingencies. Travel insurance plans focus on short-term coverage for travelers while an international plan is focused on those people who live in their host country for a year or more (expatriates and other foreign residents). Lean more about international health insurance on Now Health International, and continue reading this article to find out about all the nuances of health insurance for traveling abroad.


Types of health insurance while traveling abroad

Mainly, there are three types of health insurance you must know about before going overseas:

  1. Travel health insurance: It is the basic health insurance that covers routine medical services. It is a popular option among travelers because most of the medical cases are covered by it.
  2. Accident insurance: This insurance covers the cost of treating a serious injury or illness, and burial in case anyone dies in a foreign country. It is a great option for rock climbers, surfers, people who are afraid of accidents, and travelers without life insurance.
  3. Medical evacuation insurance: Emergency medical transportation is covered by this insurance. It is the best option for people traveling to distant places where there is no local medical care, passengers of a cruise where there are limited medical facilities, and travelers who are going to countries with low-quality medical families.




Concerning Factors in A Travel Health Insurance Plan

To select a health insurance plan suitable for you, you need to look for these features into your options:

  • Service area: Before taking any plan, you need to know if it covers one country or multiple countries. It must cover the country where you are visiting. You can also choose to buy individual plans for each country.
  • Coverage duration: You will want to choose an insurance that will cover your entire trip. Covering your trip partially is not a great idea because it leaves you unprotected anyway.
  • Financial coverage: You need to decide how much of your cost you want to be covered and how much you can afford to pay yourself. Your plan must cover as much as you require.
  • Emergency service: It is obvious that your medical insurance plan must cover the expenses when an emergency occurs due to a serious illness or severe accident.
  • Emergency transportation: There are some countries that are not developed enough to provide good medical care. If you are traveling to a country like that and a serious health problem occurs, you need an insurance plan to transport you out of there.
  • Availability of plan: See if your plan is available to all areas, moreover, you need to know if they are available at any time and provide 24-hour helpline.


Different ways of getting travel health insurance

Health insurance, especially travel health insurance is confusing for most people. There are many ways you can acquire your travel insurance plan, such as –

  • Travel supplemental package: Health insurance providers offer travel supplemental packages that you can purchase for your coverage to foreign countries to be extended. By choosing this option, you only need to arrange the details with your insurance company.
  • Travel insurance: It is a great option because travel insurance plans cover many problems when you are traveling, and health insurance is also included in it.
  • Local health insurance: Some countries offer health insurance plans for their tourists that you can purchase upon arrival. These countries may not accept travel health insurance plans, so you can opt for the insurance the country’s own health care providers are offering.
  • Travel benefits of Credit Card: There are some premium travel credit cards that offer travel health insurance. You may check your credit card provider’s terms and conditions to see if your credit card qualifies for any such benefit.
  • Travel insurance with visa: You will need to purchase your health insurance with your visa before the trip if you are traveling on a cruise, studying abroad or going on a group tour. You can have guidance from your university or tour company.


How To Protect Your Health Abroad?

Although you choose to purchase an insurance plan, yet you should try to protect your health when you are overseas.

  • Research the country and the risks it may pose to your safety by gathering information from travel websites and government websites.
  • Get vaccinated before you go to another country.
  • Be careful about the activities you choose to take part in, do not take a risk by indulging into dangerous or unhygienic activities.
  • Be prepared with the details of local doctors and hospitals of the place you are visiting.

It is a great idea to purchase a travel health insurance plan for a worry-free trip to your dream country.


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