Do your online shopping with Kerching and win prizes

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This new service is a real winner and it could make you a winner too. Again and again. It’s called Kerching. And basically what it does is give you credits every time you do your online shopping through them at a variety of online retailers, such as eBay, Tesco and loads more. You can use these credits to enter prize draws on their website and win things ranging from TVs to holidays.

Even better, it’s free. So all you have to do is create a free account and then shop at all the retailers you would normally shop at, instead now you’re also in with a chance of bagging some great goodies.

To be quite honest most of us do our shopping online anyway nowadays, so the fact that something like this exists is just super convenient. In fact since we heard about this we’ve been wondering why it’s taken so long. Where have you been all our lives, Kerching? It’s nice to feel a bit less guilty when spending your pay-check on those new shoes when at least you can tell yourself you might win a prize because you made that purchase. Absolutely love it.

What is Kerching?

Kerching is a great new service, and when we say new we really mean new, it’s only been around since Spring 2019. It makes something we all do – online shopping – into something we can all benefit from – entering free competitions. It’s almost too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s real and it’s free and there is not a single reason to put off creating an account. You do your shopping as usual, except now you might also win a 4K TV or a new games console.

How does Kerching work?

Create an account

Create your FREE account using just your name and email address. Once you’re signed up simply find your chosen retailer.

Get shopping!

Click through to your chosen retailer and do your shopping exactly as you normally would.

Choose your draw

Your credits are automatically applied every time you make a purchase. Choose which prize draw you’d like to enter.

Cross your fingers

Once the prize draw ends you’ll receive an email letting you know. Login to your Kerching account to find out if you won!

What can I win?

This is key. We wouldn’t be as thrilled with Kerching if it didn’t offer the goods when it comes to its free comps! So far some of the best competitions we’ve spotted on the website are a £2000 Tui holiday voucher, a 65 inch 4K HDR TV and a PS4 console and game bundle. We’re sold. And that’s just a fraction of the regularly updated competitions on the website. We are certain there are prizes for everyone, we even saw one offering a swimming pool! Perfect for the hot (fingers crossed) summer months that lie ahead…

Which retailers are involved?

Almost every retailer you can think of. Here is a very, very small selection:


Thomas Cook

Foot Locker

B & Q






…and that is to name just a tiny percentage of the 300+ retailers. Check out all the retailers here.

Also note the website has only been around a few months and they say they’re constantly adding more.

How do I get started?

You can get stuck in right away! In fact you shouldn’t waste any time, because every purchase you make once you sign up will earn you credits. So the earlier you sign up the more credits you will accumulate and the more credits you accumulate the more competitions you can enter. And the more competitions you enter the more likely you will be to win a prize. Makes sense.

A new controller for your Xbox on eBay? A new outfit for your summer holiday? A huge box of chocolates for your neighbour because your kids accidentally kicked the football over the fence for the fifth time in a week and managed to smash their greenhouse? Well, that last one probably isn’t applicable to everyone, but you get the gist. We all do a lot of shopping and buy a lot of things – let’s make that work for us.

You can create a Kerching account simply by clicking the link below. Then when you’re on the Kerching website just fill in all your details and once you’re signed up start shopping through the website. Remember you need to click through to the retailer where you want to make your purchase by going through Kerching in order to get credits assigned to your account.

Create Account

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