How to save money when buying a watch

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If the time has come, so to speak, to finally buy yourself a quality watch, then you’ve got yourself several great options if you want to save a bit of cash. It’s understandable that you don’t want a cheap model that will break after five seconds of wearing it, but nor do you want to spend thousands on something when you’re trying to live a thrifty life. There’s no doubt that watches are a beautiful fashion accessory whilst also being a great practical item to help you stop being late!

So, if you want to show off a new, snazzy timepiece but also not break the bank in the process, then try some of these tips for saving money when buying a watch.


Scour flea markets and garage sales

It can sometimes happen that you’ll discover the bargain of the century at a flea market somewhere in the UK, but more often than not, you’ll simply find decent second-hand mechanical watches that just need a new strap or battery. Some of the merchants at flea market stalls will have no clue about what makes a watch valuable or not, so if you have a rough idea of which brands to keep an eye out for, then you’re a savvy shopper.


Try finding one pre-worn online

Wandering around markets and car boot sales every weekend might not be your cup of tea, in which case, look online for a great deal instead. eBay is full of bargains on watches, but not everyone trusts the sellers on this website for fear of being scammed. There are many websites that specialise in only selling watches – both brand new and second-hand – so if your goal is to pick up a nice luxury watch at a decent price, then you’ll have no problem finding one online. Chrono24 has a Buyer Protection system, which means the seller only gets the money when you’ve received the item and are happy with it.

In terms of which brand to pick, there are many amazing Swiss-made watches, but unfortunately you’ll have a tough time finding one that’s affordable, even when second-hand. Better to go with something like Seiko, a Japanese company that rivals the quality of anything from Switzerland but at far better prices. Look on Chrono24 and you can easily find one for under £100.


Try a budget brand with a reputable name

If you really like the thought of wearing a watch but want to start off small, then choose a brand which is well-known for producing good timepieces at very affordable prices. The likes of Swatch or Casio would probably be your best bet here, as both companies have been around for decades and have carved out a good spot in the watch marketplace. The materials used for the watches are usually plastic and silicone, but the models themselves are still sturdy, reliable, and look cool. Best of all, they are dirt cheap, with basic options as low as £40.


Put it on your birthday or Christmas wish list

Of course, winning a good watch in a competition can be possible, but another way to get the watch of your dreams without paying for it is to simply get one as a gift! Regardless of whether it’s present for your birthday, Christmas, or even graduation, putting a watch on your wish list is better than receiving ugly socks or (heaven forbid), whiskey stones. Your family members could even pool resources together to get you a high-end luxury watch.

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