Moving to the Netherlands – Living on a budget in Rotterdam

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One of the most challenging things to do in life is moving to a new place far away from your current location. Moving to a different city or country has always been tipped as a way of exploring new avenues and chasing one’s financial dreams when things have stagnated where you are. The Netherlands is a great place to live and visit with Rotterdam being the most vibrant cities here in terms of commerce and culture.

Rotterdam can be quite expensive for newcomers who don’t know how to manage expenses well in a big city full of strangers. That said, there are ways you can manage to get by in this city without burning your bank account.

Here is how to move to and live on a shoestring budget in Rotterdam;


Planning Your Move

Rotterdam is a great city with lots of opportunities for its occupants. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to set up shop in Rotterdam or a skilled/ semi-skilled worker looking for new opportunities for financial freedom, you can do it in Rotterdam.


Finding A Place to Stay in Rotterdam

Most newcomers to Rotterdam will always find it hard to find an ideal budget friendly place to put up as they find their feet here. Apartments and homes are hard to find, and prices tend to vary depending on the time of year and location. An excellent way to settle down in Rotterdam if you are on a budget is to find a studio apartment in the city. Studio apartments in Rotterdam are surprisingly good as compared to most places around the world. Don’t wait until you land to start looking for a place to stay, these studio apartments available for rent in Rotterdam can be booked online in advance.


Finding Work in Rotterdam

For newcomers to Rotterdam, finding a job should be at the top of their list, you just can’t survive here without a job unless you have some money in your account. EU and Japanese residents can find jobs easily in Rotterdam as they don’t require any special work permits. Those coming from elsewhere will need a work permit and have to be highly skilled in their field to land a job in Rotterdam or have significant capital to be allowed to set up a business in Rotterdam.


Use Public Transport

This doesn’t come as a surprise to many who’ve travelled in the EU. Using public transport in Rotterdam is by far the cheapest way to get around for newcomers.  Don’t bother looking for a rental car here unless you are ready to spend cash from the word go.


Bank Accounts and Health Insurance

You will find it easier and cheaper to operate in Rotterdam if you open a Dutch bank account. Having an address is a requirement to open a bank account, so make sure you book your studio apartment in advance. Health insurance in Rotterdam and the Netherlands, in general, isn’t free but is a requirement. You can go for the basic health insurance that costs about 100 Euros a month, it’s more than sufficient. One word about finances though, Credit cards aren’t really a thing in Rotterdam and the Netherlands as a whole, use cash or a bank account.


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