When DIY won’t save you money

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We’re all about budgeting, saving money, investing wisely and generally avoiding being wasteful with our limited finances. That’s why we often hire a handyman to do odd jobs around the house.

“What?!” You might be shouting at your computer screen. “How could you be so profligate with your hard-earned cash? Why don’t you just do those jobs yourself and save the money for something else?”

This is a common misconception amongst homeowners — that DIY is always, always more money-wise than hiring an expert. In reality, there are plenty of times when you won’t just waste cash but you’ll also waste energy and time struggling to DIY projects around your home. Here are a few of those projects, so you can hire a local handyman, save money and relax.


When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Most DIY projects start with a web search session, where you scour the internet for information on how best to complete the project. Usually, after an article or two, you should have a pretty strong grasp on the steps of the project as well as how to use any materials or tools that you’ll need. Sometimes, though, even after a few hours of research, you still aren’t quite sure how you are supposed to do some things or why you need certain components. When this happens, you should know it’s time for expert help.

The dangers of proceeding with a DIY project you aren’t prepared for are manifold and severe. You could hurt yourself or damage your property; it’s almost guaranteed that the project won’t turn out like you hope or expect. Unless you have someone on hand to guide you through the project — like a dad or neighbor with experience in the field — you should hire a handyman to do the job for you.


When You Don’t Have Any Time to Do It

Sure, you can always make time for a project. You could take a day off work, tell your friends you can’t make it to game night, skip Sunday with the family — but do you really want to do all that for the sake of a DIY project? Often, there are much more productive and valuable things you could be doing with that time. For instance, if you earn a high salary at work — and/or if you are a freelancer — taking a sick day to do a DIY project might cost you hundreds of dollars. Then again, it’s hard to put a price on time with loved ones, so you probably shouldn’t forego time with friends and family for the sake of a project.

There are plenty of projects that are dead-simple but that require absurd amounts of time. Painting is a good example; as long as you have paint and a brush, you can figure out how to paint a wall, but getting your entire interior painted can take several days, even weeks. When you don’t have enough spare time to devote to a project, cut yourself some slack and hire a handyman.


When You Don’t Have the Right Tools on Hand

Every homeowner should have a good set of tools, to include a hammer, a drill, a level, screwdrivers, pliers and a few other useful bits and bobs. These tools will get you through most DIY projects — but not all of them. Sometimes, investing in an additional tool for a specific project isn’t that bad; if the tool is cheap, easy to use and widely applicable, it’s not a bad idea to add it to your set.

However, problems arise when you need a tool that is expensive and specialized. If you are dropping tens or hundreds of dollars on a piece of equipment that you’ll only use once, you might as well spend that money on a professional who can do the job better than you, anyway.


When There Are Major Risks Involved

Some DIY projects are just dangerous. Any time you are dealing with live electricity or sewer lines, you risk not only your home’s structure but also your life and limb. Additionally, you should avoid projects that put you up high, like at the top of a tree or on a precarious rooftop, as well as projects that require excessive heat or sharp blades. If you lop off a finger or break a femur during a DIY project, you probably won’t appreciate the project’s outcome, even if it looks nice.

As much as you might enjoy the control and cost savings of DIY projects, you need to admit that sometimes, hiring a professional is better. Handymen can do all sorts of jobs, so it’s worth your time and money to get friendly with a local handyman today.


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