How to stay safe using a public cloud

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The cloud is an incredible piece of technology that has transformed the way we are able to store and use information and documents. It has meant that businesses no longer have to be tied to one place or even have an office at all since everything they need can be accessed no matter where the individual workers happen to be.

However, although the cloud is extremely useful and popular, and it is one of the most secure ways to store information, it does still have its weaknesses and vulnerabilities, which is why anyone using it must take extra steps to ensure they and their documents can stay safe. Read on to find out what some of these steps might be.


Public WiFi

Public wifi is something that many of us have come to expect when we are out and about. It might be found in a coffee shop or chain of restaurants, in a hotel or simply in the street in some areas. It will be free to join, and there will be no password restrictions in place; anyone can use it to browse the internet.

When it comes to asking what is McAfee cloud security and finding out how to keep everything as safe as possible, one of the biggest risks you will discover is public wifi. Due to the fact that it is open to everyone, this means that hackers have to try a lot less hard to break in and steal information.

If you do connect to any kind of public wifi, it should only be for browsing, and never for accessing important documents or doing any form of online purchasing or any transactions. You are leaving yourself open to risk in this way.


Make Backups

The cloud is wonderful, and if you utilize it a lot you might not think about making any additional backups of your work – after all, it’s all up there, ready to be accessed and downloaded at a moment’s notice.

However, what if it wasn’t? What if there were a problem and access was restricted, or there had been a breach, and all of your information was no longer readable? Although unlikely, hackers are becoming smarter all the time, and therefore, it is wise to make backups of the most important elements of your business. That way, if you can’t access the cloud for any reason, you will still have all the information you need to run your business or to access funds.


Change Your Password

If you really want to stay safe when using a public cloud, it’s a good idea to change your passwords – for everything – every six months or so. Keeping the same password for long times means that hackers will have more chances to guess what it is, so changing it regularly will keep you safer.

Plus, you should never have just one password for everything. If you do, and it is compromised, everything you do online will become unsafe.


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