How to get cheap auto insurance

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Getting cheap auto insurance is not brain surgery or rocket science. It can be done. However, if you want the lowest rates, you’ll have to do some research to find the companies that have the best rates. After that, it’s important to check out the customer service of the companies that make your short list. Finally, you’ll be ready to select among the lowest rates based on the companies that have the exact policy terms you’re looking for. It’s all about doing a little homework. In the end, you’ll be able to locate cheap auto insurance that fits your budget and give you the coverage you need.


Do Online Research

Spend a half-hour or so online and try to get at least five auto insurance quotes from reputable carriers. The key thing to remember is to select quotes only from top-rated companies. You’re not looking for the lowest rates or the highest ones. After a bit of searching, you will notice a couple of things. First, even among top-ranked insurance carriers, similar policies have quite different rates. Second, customer service can make a big difference in your decision, especially when you begin calling and emailing the companies for more information.


Make Notes about Customer Service

You can get cheap auto insurance even if your requirements include excellent customer service. In fact, some of the companies that offer the lowest auto insurance quotes work extra hard to bring in and retain customers. They do this by having responsive, polite phone and chat personnel. In the insurance business, customer service is of the utmost importance, and the better companies strive to please their clients.


Remove “Extras” from the Policy You Select

Most auto insurers let customers add all sorts of extras to specific policies. You can, for example, add additional drivers, extra dollar amounts of coverage for certain types of accidents, roadside assistance packages and much more. Nowadays, there are multiple add-ons that policy holders can choose from. If your goal is to find the cheapest auto insurance on the market try to avoid any add-ons. Unless it’s something you absolutely decide that you need, stick to the basic coverage amounts that are mandated by your locality or your lender. Of course, if your car is financed, the bank will have its own minimum coverage amounts. You won’t be able to get around that. Even so, to get the cheapest rates, adhere to the lowest dollar values of coverage possible for your particular circumstance.


How to Make Payments

One other tweak you can do with an auto policy to knock a few more dollars off the rate is to pay the entire annual premium at once. Most carriers offer moderate discounts to customers who pay a whole year’s coverage in advance. Most also give discounts if you pay 6 months of premiums at once. If you can’t afford either one of those options, you still have a chance to get an extra discount. That’s because insurers often slice a few extra dollars off our monthly premium if you set payments up as “automatic deduction” from your bank. This saves the company from having to send out a monthly bill and makes life a bit easier for their business associates.

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