How to maximize your vacation leave

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Taking a vacation from work is necessary. Research shows that taking a vacation is beneficial not only for the individual but for their work as well. Employees who take vacations have lower stress levels and are more motivated to achieve their goals. They are also less likely to develop heart disease and have a better outlook on life.

According to a lawyer from McQuarrie, businesses operating in British Columbia must provide their employees with paid vacation time. This benefit applies to employees who worked with the company for at least 12 consecutive months. Employees working for more than a year must receive two weeks of paid vacation. If the employee has been with your business for five straight years or more, they must have three weeks of paid vacation leave.

Vacation leaves must be sacred, as they are the only times in your work schedule when you can rest and unwind. It is always to the best of your interest to maximize your vacation leave.


How Do You Maximize Your Vacation Leave?

Spread Out Your Vacation Days into Multiple Trips

If you are planning to take a trip, make sure that you plan it out meticulously. Don’t go on a three-week vacation so that you can use up your vacation leave. Sometimes the three-day trips are the most memorable because you tend to do everything you can in a short period. If you qualify for a three-week vacation leave, spread out the time so you can maximize its benefits to your well-being.

For instance, go on a one-week trip every four months. By doing so, you are giving your body and mind the time to relax. After all, you would not want to splurge too much on one trip alone. Going on several trips in a year would allow you to benefit from relaxing while not stressing your wallet all at once.

Use Statutory Holidays to Your Advantage

If there is a holiday (Canada Day or Labour Day) that will fall on a Monday, file for a vacation leave on either Friday, Tuesday, or both. This way, you will not use any additional vacation days for your 5-day trip. For instance, if you schedule a trip from Friday to the following Sunday, with a Monday as a holiday, you get to have ten vacation days, but only use up five days of leave.

Book Evening and Non-Stop Flights

Booking evening flights mean you can still go to work during the day. Hence, you don’t have to file for leave on that particular day. This tip only applies if your working hours are regular. Booking a non-stop flight will ultimately save you lots of money and precious time. You can also use the travel time to snooze and take a rest, which is especially helpful if you have limited vacation time. You wouldn’t want to spend hours waiting in an airport. While non-stop flights are more expensive, it could prove to be more cost-effective because you would be tempted to buy unnecessary things on your layover. Besides, you can use points if you have any. Also, layovers are prone to flight delays, which can ultimately ruin your vacation.

Get Holiday Deals

When you plan out your travel, make sure that you do exhaustive research about the best holiday deals out there. Some websites offer discounts if you book with them months before your actual travel date. You can coordinate if hotel bookings will cover free airport transfers, so you save up on taxi fares. Compare deals from travel agencies. They often have packages that include airfare, hotels with transfers, and even tours.

Taking time off from work is often overlooked. Most people view vacation as an unnecessary expense. They are yet to see its benefits to a person’s well-being, in terms of their productivity and focus. When you do decide to take that much-needed vacation, maximize it.

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