Staying safe whilst shopping online

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Trusting every website that you visit on the internet is not a smart idea. There are lots of individuals whose aims are far from innocent, and you will easily fall into some kind of trap if you fail to take the correct precautionary measures when browsing the internet. Staying safe whilst shopping online needn’t be difficult, as there are several innovative and creative ways which you can surf the web and purchase goods and services with the ultimate peace of mind, knowing for sure that your personal details and money are completely out of harm’s way. So, if you’d like to know more about what you can do to keep yourself secure whilst online, then read on to uncover some of the most handy hacks that will help you to protect yourself from this moment on! 


Never Save Your Passwords 

Though you may often find yourself typing ‘forgot Mac password’ furiously into your phone browser as you try without fail to log in to your computer, never save your username details on any site, ever. This is one of many things that can allow unauthorised access to both your personal information and system itself, and it’s equally as important to regularly update your passwords to stay far ahead of the hacking game. Viruses and malware can easily slip through the net if you save your passwords here, there and everywhere, as if even one of those is similar to that of your bank account or email address then you are opening yourself up for a full scale identity theft. Every time you log on to an online store, be mindful of the users that have access to your device and always log off and remove your details before you go to ensure that you don’t receive any unexpected deliveries!


Don’t Trust Every Website

It is much easier to be able to trust websites whose brand name you can recognise and associate with, however these do not always offer the products or service which you are looking for. As a result of this, you must take a few top tips into consideration when you decide to dig a little deeper to find the perfect store for your needs that can truly be trusted. Ensure that the website you visit has a URL that begins with the URL: ‘httpS’ – the S stands for secure, and this encourages more encryption and similar features that will help to protect you further. Never be drawn in by flashing, colourful and unrealistic adverts that offer amazing deals, as it’s likely that said deals do not exist and the act of clicking on or interacting with the feature may mean you download harmful bugs that can plague your device and take hold of your information. 


Read Reviews 

Other customers that have previously shopped with each website may potentially write a review of the products and service that they received when dealing with the business you are looking at, and these can offer a great insight into whether or not you can trust a store. If there are several users ranting and raving about having their money stolen or not receiving what they have ordered, then steer as clear as possible and avoid spending any more time than you have to on the site before closing it down completely. If there are hundreds of positive reviews that are noticeably short and appear to say the same roundabout phrase or sentence, then identify whether the users are legitimate and have posted previous reviews or whether they are accounts run by the business themselves to further trick potential customers. If this is the case, be sure to report each writer for spam to get their comments removed as soon as possible, and write a review of your own to let other people know of your thoughts to keep them safe at the same time. 

Staying secure whilst shopping online can be much more simple than you might think. Take the tips above onboard as they will do nothing but aid you in protecting all of your sensitive personal data from unauthorised access by hackers and the like, starting off by regularly changing your passwords and never saving them no matter what site you visit. Don’t trust every website you visit, and look for the telltale signs that they may be posing as something they simply are not. Read some reviews posted by those who have made use of the service before and identify whether it’s safe for you to begin shopping, or decide if it’s better to click back and carry on browsing.

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