Tips to save money on cable and internet bills

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Are you wondering if you might be paying extra bills for cable and the internet? A thought we all come across if not too frequently, but once in a while for sure, at times after seeing the bill and then forgetting to question. In this article, you will find some steps on how to reduce some extra dollars from your bill, predominantly about the Cable TV and internet bill. Cable TV and internet are the kind of commodities we all use and pay bills for but there are smart ways to pay bills too, so perhaps you might learn something new today. As per the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Cable (DTC) commissioner, Karen Charles Peterson mentioned in an email statement that our staff serves as a resource to assist their subscribers comprehend the monthly cable bills and their rights regarding billing practices.

The Department of Telecommunications and Cable (DTC) shared these tips to help with reducing the amount of bill next time:


Do not sign up for more than you need

Do some simple math on how many channels do you watch as DTC suggests to get all the channel line-up from the provider first. Then after comparing them, subscribe to the one with the lowest programming tier which fulfills most of the needs.


Review and evaluate your subscriptions regularly

It is highly recommended to review the subscription plans for both TV and internet with regular intervals – just to ensure that you are not paying for anything by-default activated, or something you don’t need anymore. Check your bills and call the billing department if something does not make sense. You can follow this link: as they have an option to buy-out your contract. This facility really helps out I f you have found a better plan after signing up a contract with a telecom provider.


Get rid of all the equipment not-in-use

Majority of the cable providers do charge for all the additional equipment on a monthly basis whether that’s a Wi-Fi router on rent or monthly installments, DVR or video recorder, or just any equipment that you got while signing-up with the provider. Checking the bill vigilantly can save anyone a lot of dollars each month – particularly if you return and/or discontinue using any additional equipment that you do not need anymore.


Get your cable modem

If you really need equipment like your Wi-Fi cannot function properly unless you get one Wi-Fi router or any mandatory equipment of this sort – you should buy your own. Instead of buying an additional equipment from the company and paying extra bucks on your bill every month; it is better to buy from an external source or maybe a used equipment to reduce the cost. Nevertheless, you have to ensure if the equipment is compatible with your internet and Cable provider’s services and network.


Be attentive to the premium subscriptions

Most of the times when we get something on promotional charges there are some discounted or free offers included such as some premium channels like HBO, Starz, and Showtime for free. So, in order to avoid getting extra charged after the offer expires, you must be vigilant enough to get all of such discounted or free offers removed if you do not need them anymore. Or else, you will be paying extra every month with every bill without utilizing the services on premium charges until you notice.


Explore the discounts and their eligibility

Seniors, veterans, or anyone who meets the eligibility criteria of special discounts – some meet the criteria of having a certain income, so learn more about your provider and ask them for more discount programs. You might get lucky and meet the discounted offer you are eligible for. Comcast, RCN and Boston, for an instance, give a senior discount to their old cable consumers as stated by DTC.


Keep comparing the available providers

If you have more than one telecom provider in your area, you must compare all the available providers before signing up. And comparison starts from the quality services they provide , prices, and plans that fit your requirements the most. After signing up, if you see more suitable deals or packages that are easy on the pocket, you can always switch.


The bottom-line is:

All the pointers make us learn how to be smart especially when it comes to spending money on the basic commodities by not being thrifty but utilizing them in a better way. These were the most interesting yet smart methods that I could find for saving money on the internet and cable TV bills, however, you can always come up with your own ideas and share with us.

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