The best and easiest ways to save money as a student

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Saving money is hard for most people. There’s hardly any person with such a highly developed skill for organization and such control over his actions that he can save every extra dollar and make the perfect budget. Usually, this takes some dedication and a lot of practice. Learning to save money is similar to learning to write an essay – practice makes perfect. However, unlike the option you have to hire a writing helper to do your tasks, you have to be the one to handle your own budget and save some money.

That being said, here are the best ways to save some money while studying.


1. Make and Track Your Budget

To be able to even think of cutting down on expenses and saving money, you need to know what you’re spending. You also have to know what you must spend, and which of your spending can be avoided. This is why your first step is to make a budget and keep track of your current expenses.

parties, going out with friends, to-go coffee, the money you pay to your essay writer, etc.

This might not be a fun thing to do, but it’s the only way to decide how to save some money. Then, it all comes down to tracking your spending every month, which will be much easier once you’re done with this part.


2. Control Food Shopping Expenses

Out of all expenses, food will be the biggest you’ll have. This is why, when reducing your bills, you should start with food shopping.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should buy less or buy the cheapest items. Your nutrition is one of the most important things and it can greatly affect your health. However, you can reduce your costs by doing some changes in your food shopping habits. Here are some great ideas:

  • Buy later in the day when many of the food items come at a discount
  • Cook at home whenever possible to save on takeouts and unhealthy fast food
  • Try to avoid going at restaurants as much as possible
  • Plan your meals in advance
  • Try to do a cost-effective, bigger food shopping at the end of the week
  • Make some packed lunches when you’re low of cash

3. Save on Transport

Most educational institutions are based in the city or have great public transport links. Instead of using your car and spending a fortune on gas, use public transport. If the university is nearby, go for a walk, take a jog, or get yourself a bike. This will give you the exercise you hardly ever have time to do, and help you save a lot of money in the same time.


4. Use Student Discounts

If you do choose to use the public transport, use the fact that you’re a student. This doesn’t only apply to transport – students have plenty of discounts in stores, libraries, transportation, and many other places like food stores, gyms, etc.

Go online and check your university or college’s website for available student discounts. This may seem like a small thing, but using these discounts can literally save you a small fortune.


5. Shop Online

The Internet has given us a unique and wonderful opportunity to save a lot of money. Nowadays, you can find most of the things you need online. You’ll have access to many stores, some of which will have discounts or much lower prices available.

So, before you rush to the mall to buy a piece of clothing, check how much it costs in stores online. Before you buy your books in a store, see if someone sells it second-hand on EBay. When you need some help with writing, scour the web for an affordable and high rated essay writing service – online essay writing help does not have to cost you hundreds of dollars every single time.


6. Use the Local Library

You might not even have to buy the books at all. If the library is close, why purchase the expensive books or spend money on used books and textbooks? You can go to the local library and study there. It will be distraction-free and cost-effective, both of which will benefit you a lot.

You can also use the local library for movies, video games, and stock on the textbooks you’ll need for class. Libraries often hand out information for discounted items like tickets for art galleries and museums. So, find the closest library and see what they have to offer.


7. Use Coupons

Make the habit of checking available coupons before shopping for anything. Many stores will have discounts on the grocery items you need listed in their weekly flyers or posted online. Check out and save all the coupons you will find – they may come handy when you need to buy something.



Students have a lot on their mind. One of their biggest problems is finances, which is why they must learn to control their funds as soon as possible. Since you’re stepping into the adult world as an individual, probably for the very first time, try to implement these steps to learn to control your budget.


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Ray Campbell is a financial advisor who works for individuals and small businesses. He explores and implements effective tips for saving money. You can read about finances and loans in the many articles Campbell has published online.


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