How to make the most of Black Friday deals with the UK’s highest paying cashback website

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If you’re savvy with your money, you’ll probably have been waiting for Black Friday for a good few weeks. Retailers have been gearing up for months for the biggest shopping weekend of the year, teasing consumers with deals and offers. But now it’s just around the corner, so you’ll want to make the most out of it.

There are a couple of ways you can make sure you get the best deals; camp outside your favourite store from 4am, stay up until midnight to be the first on site, or you can get cashback on your online purchases.

If you’re familiar with cashback, it’ll all be second nature to you, but if you’re new to cashback, it can be quite confusing. Cashback works by tracking your purchases and giving you money (or cash) back on things you buy online. There’s cashback available on pretty much everything, so you should always be able to make a bit of money back when you buy online. is officially the UK’s highest paying cashback website, giving you even more for your money when shopping online. There are more than 4,500 retailers to choose from, including big high-street brands such as Curry’s, Argos, Topshop, and H&M, online-only retailers, such as ASOS, Not on the Highstreet, and Very, as well as smaller, independent businesses.

Quidco has recently updated two of its features – just in time to help shoppers make the most of Black Friday:

  • Quidco Premium membership
  • Quidco Cashback Reminder

Quidco’s new Premium membership offers something very few memberships do; flexibility. For just £1 per active month, members get access to a whole host of features, including;


Increased and market leading rates on thousands of retailers and a 10% top up

There’s up to 10% top-ups available on cashback rates for all new Premium members. That means you’ll be earning even more cashback on anything and everything you buy. So whether you’re treating yourself to a new pair of shoes, or buying a new piece of tech for a loved one, your cashback will add up even faster.


Double the difference highest cashback guarantee

Our Quidco members love our double the difference guarantee, so we’ve kept it as part of our new Premium. That means if you find a higher cashback rate elsewhere, we’ll not only give you the difference back in cash, but we’ll double it.


Up to 20% pay-out bonuses

Our pay-out bonuses allow you to ‘top-up’ your earnings when you withdraw them as one of our many partner’s e-gift cards. There’s up to 20% of the original earning available on everything from cycling equipment to takeaways, and fashion to books.


Downgrade option at any time

Our favourite part of our new Premium is its market-changing flexibility. We know that no one likes to be tied into a contract for a year, so we’ve made it so you can downgrade your Premium membership whenever you like. Not making any big purchases for a month or two? No problem! Just downgrade at the click of a button to instantly revert back to Basic membership. Then when you’re gearing up to buy something new, upgrade to Premium and take advantage of the best rates on the market. What’s more, if you forget to downgrade and don’t make any purchases that month, you won’t be charged – only if you make a purchase will your £1 fee kick in.


Use the Quidco Cashback Reminder

Getting cashback on everything you buy is great; you get free money for something that you were going to buy anyway. But sometimes we land on the page before realising to click through from Quidco. On a normal day it’s no more than a mild annoyance, but on Black Friday, time is of the essence. With the Quidco Cashback Reminder, there’s no need to worry as it does exactly what it says on the tin – reminds you there’s cashback available when you visit one of our 4,500 partnered brands and lets you activate it onsite.

The Cashback Reminder will also let you know where you can get cashback from when you search for a product on Google, so you’ll always be able to compare the best deals – not just on Black Friday.

For more information about Quidco – or to sign up, visit

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