5 ways of saving your small business money

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For any small business, managing their available budget effectively is essential. Mismanaging your finances during the most vulnerable period of your business’s life will mean that you enter the industry with one hand tied behind your back. Below are five simple tips for any small business looking for reliable ways of reducing their expenditure in the long term.


Change Your Marketing Strategy

Adopting a more efficient marketing strategy is one of the best ways of saving your business money. Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that the more money they put into their marketing, the better their results will be by default. In actual fact, the best marketing is not dependent upon money but on creativity and memorability.

Audiences react to marketing that resonates with them, not marketing that looks classy and expensive. Having more money might be useful in many situations, but it is not a requirement for good marketing.

Instead of placing an emphasis on the money that you pump into a marketing campaign, focus on how you can create something truly unique and that defines your business.



Outsourcing is a popular way for businesses to save themselves money, without having to compromise the quality of the services they provide or receive. Outsourcing involves paying an outside agency or third-party to handle some or all of your business. For example, many businesses outsource their customer service to call centres located elsewhere in the world, where their upkeep costs are lower.

However, this is just one example of where outsourcing can be implemented in a business. Cybersecurity, marketing, and IT, in general, are all common targets for outsourcing.


Always Shop Around

Every business needs to spend money now and then. Whether it’s on new stock and supplies, or on essential utilities, there are always costs associated with running a business. One simple way that you can significantly reduce the amount of money that your business is spending is simply to ensure that every time you find yourself needing to spend money, you take the time to shop around and see what is available.

Instead of marrying your business to suppliers out of loyalty, regularly review your expenditures and ensure that they still represent good value for money. For example, when it comes to your business utilities, you can use the online price comparison tool from Utility Bidder to compare business utilities and ensure you are getting the best price.


Get Your Head In The Cloud

Cloud technologies are changing the way that we think about computers and in particular, corporate networks. By using cloud technology, employees are able to remotely access business systems and file storage, enabling remote working possibilities that didn’t exist before.

For many businesses, introducing the cloud to their network means that they can reduce the number of employees that they need on the site in order to function. Having some of your workers working remotely can ultimately lead to increased productivity and lower costs for your business.


Go Open Source

There is a whole host of different software out there that can be useful to businesses. This includes software that can help with specific tasks such as accounting and managing your human resources, or it can be more generalized software such as business management solutions. In either case, the software that you use within your business can make a real difference to the productivity of your workers and how easy they find it to complete their jobs.

While this software can make enough of a difference to justify the often high entry costs, there is often no need for businesses to be spending this kind of money. For small businesses that need to watch their bottom line even more closely than most, switching to open source software solutions can be a significant money saver. Open-source software has a number of advantages beyond being free. It is maintained by a community and the source code is freely available. It can, therefore, be easily adapted to suit your business specifically.

If you make saving money a core tenet of your management style from the earliest days of your business, then you should have no trouble in keeping up the good habits once you have established them. If you can lead by example and demonstrate to your staff the importance that you place on efficient use of company money, then good habits will flow naturally through your entire business.

The five tips listed above are an excellent starting point for any small business that needs to reduce their costs.

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