Dividend All-Stars: Past performance

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Over the past 12 years, the Dividend All-Stars have outperformed the major dividend-focussed ETFs—and last year was no exception. The eight A-grade stocks in 2019 had a combined total return of 21%, trouncing the iShares Core S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index (XIC) ETF and iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index ETF (CDZ) over the same period, which returned 14.4% and 13.1% respectively. 

All but two of the stocks produced double-digit returns, led by Genworth MI Canada Inc.’s 45.6% total return. Genworth may have more room to run as the stock earns top marks again in this year’s report. Half of the A-grade stocks—all from the insurance industry—posted gains above 20%. IA Financial Corp. and Sun Life were the next best performers, returning 36.7% and 28.6%, including dividends. None of the All-Stars lost money on the year once you factored in dividends. 

When you combine the stocks with A and B grades stock, the results are similarly impressive. Over the past 12 months, an equal-weighted portfolio made up of those 18 stocks would have produced a total return of 18%. Overall, the TMX Group—a B-grade stock—was the best performer, with a total return of 47.8%.  

Since its inception, the Dividend All-Stars A-Team has returned 271% versus 84% for XIC. The A and B stocks combined have also outperformed, up 175% since 2007. 

Here is a look at how the top stocks did last year:

2019 A-Team

Scotiabank 13.8%

CIBC 3.9%

Genworth MI Canada Inc 46.5%

Great-West Life 10.3%

iA Financial 36.7%

Power Corp. 21.0%

Sun Life Financial 28.6%

TD Bank 7.1%

2019 B-Team

E-L Financial -9.1%

Fortis 29.0%

Magna 18.7%

Metro 36.9%

National Bank 18.5%

Power Financial Corp. 15.5%

RBC 16.3%

Suncor -5.1%

TMX Group 47.8%

West Fraser Timber -12.2%


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