Why uSwitch is the best place to switch your energy

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uSwitch has been the most reliable place to compare energy deals and save money for years — helping over five million save on their energy bills — but there’s so much more to it than that. Here are just a few reasons why it’s still the best place to switch your energy.


It couldn’t be easier to save

Thanks to the simplicity of the website and the clarity of the information provided to customers, it currently takes about 10 minutes to find a deal and switch your energy with uSwitch. As customers can currently save up to £477*, that’s a lot of money for not much effort at all. Your energy provider will change without you even noticing – you don’t need to contact your old supplier to tell them you’re moving, and you don’t need to contact your new supplier to tell them you want to join.


uSwitch doesn’t just compare…

You can obviously compare new energy deals with uSwitch, but the service doesn’t stop there – they also complete the switch for you when you’re ready. Whether you switch online or through their call centre, the process will be smooth and stress-free, and your new supplier will be in contact with all the details you need after your 14-day cooling-off period has ended.


The service is free and informative

uSwitch provides a completely free service for consumers – they don’t take any money from you for facilitating your switch. There is also a wide range of guides covering every topic concerning gas and electricity on the uSwitch website, featuring energy saving tips and the company’s latest consumer research. The uSwitch contact centre team is available to answer any questions, both before and during your switch.


Comparison information is always accurate and up-to-date

If you’re going to commit to an energy deal for twelve months or even longer, you need to know that the rates you’re being shown are correct. uSwitch constantly works to check that every fact and figure it shows you about any deal is completely accurate. They work with suppliers to ensure that you’re not surprised by hidden costs and that every rate you see is the rate you’ll get.


They’re Ofgem-accredited

uSwitch voluntarily adheres to energy regulator Ofgem’s Confidence Code, which sets out the guidelines of operation that energy comparison providers are expected to operate within. This is designed to give consumers the most accurate information possible so they can feel confident in the process and trust that they’re definitely getting the best deal whenever they decide to switch.


They’re able to offer exclusive deals

As if featuring some of the most competitive deals on the market wasn’t enough, uSwitch also regularly features tariffs from some of the country’s biggest and best energy suppliers that can’t be found anywhere else, which could make all the difference in terms of helping you save as much as possible.


uSwitch campaigns for a better, fairer energy market

One of the hallmarks of uSwitch’s service is the work they do to highlight the impact of certain trends or developments which mean that customers aren’t able to enjoy the quality of service that they might expect. Their energy experts are regularly seen in the newspapers or on the television fighting for the rights of consumers and providing insight about the way changes in the economy, government and energy market will have an impact.


uSwitch holds suppliers to account

uSwitch’s annual Customer Satisfaction Report is a hugely important study in terms of helping customers determine which suppliers are the best choice for them. Suppliers are assigned a star rating out of five for a range of categories, such as quality of service, value for money and the quality of the switchover process, which is based on the feedback of nearly 20,000 energy customers throughout the UK. uSwitch then equally weights these scores to provide a supplier rating for each supplier which receives over 50 responses and reveal the Supplier of the Year (as well as who needs to shape up).

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*Between 1 Jan 2019 and 30 June 2019, at least 10% of people who switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with uSwitch saved £477 or more.

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