5 tips to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget

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The new year has arrived in full stride and with it, a number of fashion trends destined to make a splash. Many of us would love to revamp our wardrobe and reinvigorate our stylistic choices, but that can seem like a challenge when you’re living frugally on a budget.

Fortunately, there are tons of ways to save money while going glam. Here’s how you can avoid breaking the bank when upgrading your ensembles!


1. Scout eCommerce sites

Gone are the days of window shopping at the mall, tempted into transaction by every well-dressed mannequin on display. While this may be a great strategy to inspire your shopping list, it can be very difficult to avoid splurging on items that you can find cheaper online if they strike that irresistible “must have it now” sentiment.

By scouting eCommerce sites, you can avoid emotional impulse buys and stick within your shopping budget. Here’s a list of the top money-saving fashion websites where you can find exclusive discounts on designer fashion. We included a number of high street retailers like Topshop so you can search for sales without all the hassle, as well as some members-only sites that offer their users generous mark-downs.


2. Choose accessories wisely

If there’s anything we’ve learned about the evolution of fashion, it’s that accessories can go in and out of style faster than the ball-drop on NYE. That means when it comes time to shopping for accessories, you should avoid picking out anything that seems a little too bright or bold and lean instead toward timeless classics that never fade out of style.

For example, rather than going for large, dangly chandelier earrings, opt for dainty diamond studs that will pair with any outfit. Instead of a timepiece bedazzled in rhinestones, browse rose gold watches for women that are stylishly trendy but more muted in nature. That way, you can avoid spending tons of money on accessories that won’t even make the fashion catalogue by the time spring rolls around.


3. Select essential staples

One of the best pieces of fashion advice we can offer is to curate a number of essential wardrobe staples that can be dynamically altered in your day-to-day use. What’s a wardrobe staple? It’s a piece of clothing that may seem simple stylistically but can be re-worn and repurposed to create all sorts of looks.

Here are a few examples:

5 tips to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget

  • Dark denim jeans. Whether you purchase an iconic pair of Levi’s, premium denim from Madewell, or jeans from the women’s clothing section at Target, you’ll be able to wear these pants across all different settings. Pair them with a blazer to wear at the office, add a kitten heel and take them to happy hour, or match them with your favorite graphic tee to look street-ready while running errands.
  • Plain white tee. Not just for working out, a classic tee can be tucked in for a polished upgrade or layered with necklaces for a cute-but-casual ensemble.
  • Ballet flats. Wear them with a flirty dress at brunch or pair them with tailored slacks at work to put a feminine touch on your office outfit.


4. Take advantage of trade-in values

To clear space for new clothes and save money while purchasing them, you should take time to purge your existing collection and trade them into retailers like Buffalo Exchange. They’ll evaluate what price they think they’d be able to resell your item at; you can opt to receive cash for a percentage of their worth, but if you elect to receive a trade-in value instead, the money you get back will be much higher.

If you don’t have a store near you, you can take advantage of second-hand fashion online. Many sites like Poshmark and Vinted allow you to buy, sell, and trade clothes at heavily discounted prices!


5. Thrift for the best finds

Finally, there’s no better score than ones you can find by carefully hunting for hidden gems in thrift stores and flea markets. This type of search will require a bit of patience as you’ll have to sort through gawky garments in order to spot the stylish pieces, but the effort you put in can reward itself tenfold when you rock your vintage find that you found for a steal of price!

There you have it, the top five tips for revamping your wardrobe on a budget. Happy shopping—and happy saving!

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