10 Ways to Save Your Wedding Catering Costs

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There are lots of expenses that go into the making of a wedding. However, one that usually eats quite a bit into the budget is the catering. From the main meal to the drinks, the cake, desserts and snacks. It is quite a lot to consider, especially if you’re looking for wedding saving tips to put a lid on your spending.

So how do you handle your wedding catering on a budget? Is there any way around it? Some might ask. Well, we believe there are many. Wedding Forward agrees that your wedding catering cost should not leave you out of pocket in any way. Stick with us while we show you the ways you can satisfy your guests without crucifying your bank account.


  1. Choose budget-friendly foods

If you are looking to reduce your spending, you will have to be strategic with your menu selections. Choose budget-friendly foods for your appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts. Your choices would be like, chicken over steak or lobster, and more traditional, flavorful food over more expensive options.


  1. Book special offers

There are lots of special offers with chefs and caterers if you just know where to look. Attend wedding expos and shows in your area, check their websites online. Take advantage of their cheap wedding catering packages, special discounts, and promotions while you can, and see a drop in your wedding expenses.


  1. Choose a buffet over the plated full-service dinner

One of the cheapest ways to cater a wedding is to go with a buffet. With this style of service, you will save a good amount of money on labor costs. It might also help you reduce your expenses on rentals, needing less tableware than if you had the plated dinners. Less staff and fewer rentals looks like a win-win.


  1. Plan for a weekday

Most people know that it is cheaper to get married on a weekday, especially if it’s not Friday. However, not many people choose this option. But if you really to reduce your catering cost per person wedding, then you should consider this option. Not only might you have fewer guests attending, vendors tend to give good discounts on weddings that don’t hold on Friday or the weekend as this is when they have fewer bookings.

10 Ways to Save Your Wedding Catering Costs

  1. Avoid the full bar

A full bar is a bad idea if you are handling your wedding catering on a budget. It is much better to serve one or two signature cocktails alongside beer and wine. You can personalize the cocktails with creative names and adorn them with cool and fun garnishes. Orange slices, mini fruit kebabs, and lemon peels can turn your signature drinks into classy and festive cocktails that add a cool vibe to your wedding reception.


  1. Consider disposable dinnerware

One thing that adds up in the average catering cost for weddings is tableware. Plates, napkins, drinkware, and flatware all cost quite a penny. If you are having a more casual occasion, then you can consider a few out of the box options. This could include serving your guests on high-end disposables. Eco-friendly biodegradable materials that cost less than regular tableware, and help conserve the planet at the same time.


  1. Try theme stations, such as a Mexican or Thai station

For reduced caterer costs, you could try theme stations that match your overall wedding theme. From Thai food station with food in woks or take-out containers to Mexican stations with chips and tacos. These stations can make it look like you spent a lot while saving you a pretty penny.


  1. Less courses

Where some couples will serve five-course feasts at their wedding, you could choose to serve three. This will go a long way in saving your catering budget.


  1. Go cocktail hour casual

Choosing hors d’oeuvres for a cocktail hour can totally increase your spending on catering for your wedding. Why not try something less traditional but just as fun and tasty? Instead of going with those small bites that are not only more expensive but take time to prepare, consider serving good old chips and dip. You could also serve snacks of fruit, cured meat, cheeses, and jams.

Wedding table

  1. Smaller desserts

Controlling the portions of your desserts can have you serving all your guests with an amount that would normally serve half of them. Bite-sized portions are the way to go for fewer expenses.

There is a myriad of ways to manage your wedding catering on a budget. So, don’t fret, we have your back with these tips and tricks that can save you a ton.

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