Cost of powering the lockdown

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Binge watching Tiger King, chatting to friends and family on Zoom and baking sourdough bread are costing much more for some people than others, a study has shown.

Using research done by Flipper, the energy autoswitching service, we’ve found out that if your household is on a standard variable tariff the cost of electricity used for activities popular during lockdown is 34% higher than the best energy deals available.

Many of the things people have been doing to keep busy during the lockdown use electricity so we should all expect a higher bill than usual. However, you may be surprised how much bigger the increase in cost is for some than for others.

Because energy prices have been falling, anyone who has switched recently is likely to be on one of the cheapest deals we have seen for years. By contrast the millions of households still on a standard tariff could see the increase in usage cost them an extra £30+ per month.

Here is the Flipper guide to the impact of lockdown on your energy bill:


Activity                                                                                 Standard Tariff*             Cheapest Tariff^


Longer showers (extra 10 mins a day Mon-Fri)                £10.30                               £7.67

Cups of tea or coffee (extra 5 a day Mon-Fri)                   £ 8.27                               £6.17

Extra dishes to wash (3 extra cycles per week)                £4.96                                £3.70

Baking sourdough bread (twice a week)                          £4.91                                £3.66

Kids online-schooling/gaming (two hours per day)         £3.53                                 £2.63

Working from home (8 hours laptop use Mon-Fri)            £2.94                                 £2.19

Opening fridge=freezer more often for snacks              £1.64                                 £0.56

Zoom meetings (10 hours per week)                                 £0.55                                 £0.19

Binge watching Netflix (8 x 1 hour episodes)                   £0.22                                 £0.16


[Data for a Bristol postcode, *Big 6 Supplier Standard Tariff, ^Avro Simple & Superfixed Tariff]


And it’s not just the extra usage that will have cost 34% more, the entire bill for customers who haven’t switched in the past 12 months will be hundreds of pounds a year higher than they should be paying.

Flipper find and switch their members to better energy deals throughout the year, checking the market every month to ensure you never overpay.

To sign up, simply go to The process takes 5 minutes and it’s free to register. There is a small annual fee of £30 when you are switched for the first time and start saving, but you only pay this once, no matter how many times you are switched during the year.

This small fee means Flipper can “flip” its members to more tariffs, more often to save them more money – as they don’t take any commission or referral fees from the energy suppliers like the comparison sites or other auto-switchers.

Flipper have saved their members more than £18Million over the last few years and are rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot. To find out more go to

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