An Essential Guide To Using Comparison Sites To Save Money

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Comparison sites are quickly becoming commonplace among Brits who are looking to make sure that they get the best deal when buying a whole multitude of different things. A comparison site is usually the go-to for many people who are looking to renew their car insurance policy, switch gas and electricity suppliers, find the best mobile phone contracts, take out a new home or life insurance policy, and much more. Whether you are buying something for personal or business use, chances are there’s going to be a comparison site that covers you. Some comparison sites focus on one type of product, such as insurance or lines of credit, while others will cover pretty much anything. So, what are the pros of using comparison sites, and what can you do to make sure that you’re making the most of what they offer to get the best deal?


Saving Money:

The first and most popular pro of using a comparison site when you’re signing up for a new policy or trying to find a better deal is that more often than not, they are the best way to save money. Take car insurance, for example, – if it wasn’t for comparison sites, then you’d probably just take the renewal offer from your insurance company without realising that you could be saving a lot by switching to a new provider. Being able to check quotes from a wide range of different providers and see the cheapest option lets you select one that offers what you’re looking for within your budget, and it might be even cheaper than what you were initially willing to pay.



Another reason to use comparison sites is convenience. While not every supplier or provider out there is listed on comparison sites, the vast majority of them are. This gives you a quick and easy way to see all your options at once, compared to trawling the web visiting different providers and putting in your details over and over again to get different quotes. Using a comparison site to check broadband deals, insurance quotes or the best credit cards that you are eligible for takes five minutes, and you’ll only have to enter your information once.


Exclusive Deals:

Another reason to use comparison sites is that you can often get exclusive deals for comparison site customers only. This could be an exclusive price on your car insurance or a better deal on a credit card or loan, or even the best broadband deals compared to what you would get from going straight to the provider. The truth is that comparison sites earn money when you sign up through them, so they are always coming up with new ways to incentivise you to use them – it’s a win-win situation.

It’s clear to see that using comparison sites to get the best deals has a lot of perks, but how do you make sure that you’re making the most of them?


Be Sure to Enter All Your Details Correctly:

Whatever you are getting quotes for, don’t cut corners when it comes to entering your details into the comparison site. Car insurance quotes, for example, might give you the option of entering your driving licence number – and while it’s hardly convenient to go and find your wallet and purse to copy it in, those extra few minutes taken could save you a lot of money when you get your quotes. If you’re doing a broadband comparison, be accurate with details like your postcode and the number of people living in your home, so you can get the best deals on packages that are both available in your area and will suit your level of usage best.


Use a Range of Comparison Sites:

As mentioned earlier, comparison sites want you to sign up through them so there are always special offers and exclusive deals available as incentives. So, don’t limit yourself to one comparison site when you are looking to compare broadband, phone contracts, insurance, loans or anything else – use a few different ones and compare quotes across comparison sites too so that you know you’re definitely getting the best deal. Check large comparison sites that cover everything and sites that focus more heavily on the specific product that you are looking for.

For example, if you are looking for the best broadband deals, you can compare deals here at usave; it’s a great place to start with an easy way to search for broadband deals for you by simply entering your postcode and hitting search in the broadband comparison tool.


Check Direct Too:

While most of the time, comparison sites are the best way to save money and get yourself the best deal, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you’ve covered all your bases. For example, you might notice that a certain car insurance company isn’t coming up in the quotes when you enter your details into the comparison site – not all providers work with comparison sites, so it’s worth going directly to their website to make sure that you can’t get a better price there. More often than not, you’ll find that there are cheaper offers on the comparison site, but it’s always best to double-check.


Consider Renewal Offers:

In some cases, like when buying car insurance, it’s almost always more sensible to use a comparison site and get a better deal since they do not tend to regularly reward loyalty when offering renewal quotes. However, in some cases, for example, if you are looking to upgrade your mobile phone contract, your current supplier might be able to help you out by offering you a better deal if you stick with them. The trick here is to use a comparison site first and then call your provider to let them know that you have found a better deal and are considering switching over. In some cases, they might be able to match the deal or even do better, meaning that you’ll get to enjoy the low prices without all the hassle of switching.


Time it Right:

Depending on the product or service that you want to buy via a comparison site, the timing could make a huge amount of difference. For example, car insurance quotes are often cheaper when you buy a certain amount of days in advance, and if you’re looking at a travel comparison site, then it makes sense that you’re going to get the best prices when the demand is low. By being savvy about the time of day, week, month, or even year that you use a comparison site, you could potentially get even better deals.


Sign Up for Freebies:

Many comparison sites offer free gifts just for using them; for example, you might be able to get two-for-one cinema tickets just for buying car or life insurance through a certain site, so be on the lookout for any rewards programs and other offers that you can take advantage of just for being a customer of a particular comparison site. Don’t forget to check all the right boxes and sign up for the offer when you buy so that the comparison site can help you continue to save money on even more.

Whether you want to book a holiday, get a new car insurance policy, switch broadband providers, or get a new smartphone, a comparison site is often the first place to start.

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