Budget-Friendly Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

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Home security is a very important part of protecting both your family and your valuables. But sometimes, we can’t afford the latest gadgets and gizmos, especially when they are so expensive. In this article, we are going to talk about some budget-friendly ways to improve your home’s security. Interested? Then keep on reading!



One common thing that many intruders and burglars look out for is an unkempt yard. Foliage and large tress provides them with areas to hide out of view to help plan their attack. By keeping your garden maintained regularly, you are reducing the risk and allowing neighbors to keep an eye out as well. Try keeping the lawn mowed and trimming any trees and hedges. It really will make a difference.


Motion sensors

Lights are a great way to scare off potential intruders, but you can’t always leave them on all night. Motion sensors are a great alternative and can also make it easier for you to move outside, preventing injuries and accidents. They are also readily available and located at most hardware stores. Unlike the process of finding a home security system, you can pick them up and install them quickly and easily without having to hire an electrician. You can even get ones that are solar-powered, to avoid creating a large power bill.


Heavy-duty blinds/curtains

If you travel frequently or live alone, an excellent heavy-duty set of blinds or curtains is a great way to keep away any unwanted guests. Not only do they act as an extra barrier, but individuals won’t be able to see the different valuables in your home. You can still open them up during the day to let in light, but make sure you always close them if you are leaving the home. While they can be a little expensive, if you shop at the right time, you can find a great deal.


Multiple locks

While you might already have locks on your doors and windows, it can only help to double up in the weaker areas. By installing a simple deadbolt over your front and back door, you are ensuring your safety and putting in place another layer of protection. You might also think of getting a reinforcer kit, especially if you have a sliding door. Seeing all the bolts might also remind you to lock your door every night (I’m sure some of you are guilty!).


Social media 

Social media can certainly be an addiction, with some individuals putting their entire lives on there! However, this can make them a significant target, even to people that they think are “friends”. This is why it is wise to follow some online safety tips so that you know how to protect yourself. For example, you should never announce when you are home alone or on vacation, never accept a request from someone that you don’t know and remember to keep your accounts and personal details private.



Lastly, if you want to make sure your valuables are as protected as possible, you should install a safe hidden in your home. This way, if someone does manage to get inside, any cash, jewelry, or important paperwork is protected and hidden away. It’s been a top home safety tip for years, and always will be.

And that’s it! By implementing these strategies and devices above, you can protect your home without it costing an arm and a leg. While it’s important to note that these aren’t as great as some more expensive systems, it’s better to have something in place than nothing at all. Just remember to do your research first, and keep an eye out for anything suspicious.



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