5 Hacks For Saving Money On Dates

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Let’s face it. Dating can be expensive if you’re trying to impress somebody or you’re pretending you’re rich while, in reality, you barely have enough money to pay rent. With the right person, money doesn’t play a role in the relationship, but to meet the right person you have, to be honest. We’ll give you 5 hacks for saving money on dates here. Use them wisely.


Try A Coupon

It might look silly to flip out a coupon book on a date, but coupons are great for saving money. No, you won’t go to the grocery store to buy milk and carrots on coupons. Only your granny would be impressed by that. Use coupons for restaurants you can’t usually afford or your favorite restaurant. Coupons can save you money on various activities too. Take your date to watch a movie for free or have a blast in the amusement park. Coupons give enormous possibilities, don’t be ashamed of using them. Take advantage of them.


Take A Walk

Fancy restaurants, clubs, movies, and similar places are great for dates, but all of those places have 2 flaws.

  1. Restaurants, bars, etc. cost money
  2. You can’t talk to your date on those places

A simple walk beats all those places if you want to enjoy the company of your special person. Walking is good for your health. It lets you talk about anything with your partner, and it’s free. When you find a nice sitting (or kissing) spot, sit there and enjoy your date. Free yet effective.


Try something you do not usually do (mini-golf, a beach picnic, free museum)

Exiting your comfort zone usually means discovering new things. Exiting your comfort zone on a date can have another huge benefit. You’ll have affordable fun on a date. Play mini-golf, even if you’re clumsy. It’s a date, not a competition. Have a romantic picnic on a beach or in the park (combine that with a walk, and she’ll remember that date forever). If you don’t go to museums, often visiting free museums (or using coupons to make them free) will blow your mind without burning a hole in your pocket. You’ll learn something new and impress your date with your interests.


Be Upfront

The most important thing in any relationship is honesty. You have to be honest with yourself and your partners. Don’t pretend to be somebody you aren’t. Even if you can keep a fake person alive for a while, why would you do it? Is impressing somebody worth that much you’re ready to live in a lie? No, of course, no. The key to being happy is honesty. Follow that rule on online dating sites, which are presented on beyondthecharter and you’ll soon find the right person for you.

Don’t make your profile on dating site look like you’re a significant baller if you aren’t. Be upfront and show what you can offer emotionally and intellectually, not financially.

Remember, honesty is the key to happiness.


No drinks (Fewer drinks you buy, more money you save)

You probably know this very well, but some girls go out to get free drinks. Don’t get fooled again. Meet your dates somewhere else, online for example, by doing that, you won’t have to pay for their attention. You won’t have to buy expensive drinks and watch them leave with somebody else leaving you with empty pockets. Once you’re sure a girl isn’t like that, of course, you’ll take you out for drinks. But even then, you don’t have to spend 200$ on drinks.

That might impress her, but you don’t want a girl who judges a man by the size of his wallet. Everybody should look for somebody who’ll appreciate them as persons, not as walking ATMs.

Hope these 5 hacks will save you money and show your partner that you can be full of fun, romantic, and caring without spending a fortune.


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