12 ways to save on water bills while saving water in the home

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Saving money wherever you can is always a good thing. One way to save money people often forget about is on their water bills.

We all use water everyday, so if you can cut your bill down, it’ll make a real difference. According to SaveWaterSaveMoney, if you cut your water usage by 20 litres a day, you’ll save yourself an extra £25 a year.

Saving money isn’t the only benefit of looking to save on water bills. As a finite resource, you’ll also help protect the planet by cutting your water bill.

The demand for clean water is growing and this isn’t helped by global warming. We all need to learn how to use less of it!

Here are our top 12 ways to save on water bills and stay green.

  1. Save on Water Bills by Changing Your Cleaning Habits
  2. Switch Off to Save on Water Bills
  3. Reuse Water Where Possible
  4. Invest in These Gadgets to Cut your Water Bill
  5. Save on Water Bills with a Water Meter


Save on Water Bills by Changing Your Cleaning Habits

1. Only run a cycle if you’ve got a full load

Washing machine full of laundry

Did you know that one washing machine cycle uses 19 gallons of water. The average household runs between 5 and 6 loads per week, which adds up to 5,605 gallons of water per year.

So, if you wash your clothes only when necessary you can save water and reduce your electricity bills. If you were to drop down to just 4 loads a week, you’d use over 1500 less gallons of water a year.

Half loads are very inefficient so if you’re a small household, wait until you’ve enough for a full load. Of course, if you’ve got children you’ll probably have no problem filling the washing machine!

Also, start washing your clothes at 30° instead of 60° as higher temperatures use more energy and it’ll cost you in the long-run. Pre-soaking overnight can help to loosen a lot of dirt and stains and make the wash cycle more efficient.

2. Use the dishwasher

Woman loading dishwasher

This might sound strange, but it really does work! The dishwasher uses 15–20 litres of water, compared to hand washing which uses between 60 and 70 litres.

This only works if you scrape rather than rinse the plates before they go in the dishwasher. Also, like with the washing machine, you must only run the cycle when it’s full. You can also consider investing in a smaller dishwasher if you’re a couple or a small family.

Remember, when buying new appliances, consider those that offer cycle and load-size adjustments as they’re more water and energy efficient.

Here are some cheap, green cleaning products you can make yourself easily.


Switch Off to Save on Water Bills

3. Take showers instead of baths

Running shower

According to Waterwise, a shower uses one third of the amount of water that a bath does. This is only true if it’s not a power shower and you don’t spend more than 10 minutes in there – so save your singing for after your shower instead!

Many people find that a shower is much more invigorating than a bath and really sets you up for the day, so it could be a double win for you.

Try adapting your daily routine to fit in a shower rather than a bath. If you really can’t do without relaxing in a bath every now and then, try to keep it down to once a week.


3. Turn the tap off

money from your home

80 percent of British adults waste water regularly. Some of the most common ways we do this is by leaving the tap on while we brush our teeth or wash our face and filling the kettle to the top, rather than just using the amount of water needed.

Leaving a tap on for a minute wastes approximately 6 litres of water, so leaving it on while you brush your teeth could waste 24 litres of water a day!

Simply by stopping this bad habit, you could save a lot of money on your water bill and significantly reduce your water waste.

If you have any persistently dripping taps, make sure you get them fixed. This can be a huge waste of water over time, costing you money if you have a water meter.


Reuse Water Where Possible

5. Re-use water for plants and vegetables

Green watering can watering houseplants

Wash your fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water instead of running water from the tap. You won’t notice the difference at all. This way you can re-use the dirty water when watering house plants.

Also, when you boil an egg, save the cooled water for your houseplants. The nutrients released from the shell will be good for them. So, you’ll save water and make your plants healthier.

Equally, if you have a fish tank, the dirty water is rich is phosphorus and nitrogen, which are great for your plants!


6. Keep water in the fridge 

Water bottles in fridge

If you’re a stickler for cold drinking water, this one’s for you! Rather than running the tap for a minute or so (which we already know wastes 6 litres of water!) each time you want a drink, store water in bottles in the fridge.

This way you won’t have to run the tap for ages if you want to have a cold drink.

As a bonus, store the water in reusable bottles, rather than plastic ones to benefit the environment even more!


Invest in These Gadgets to Cut your Water Bill

7. Waterpebble


Taking shorter showers can save you water and energy. Spending just three and a half minutes less in the shower will save up to £180 per year for a family of four.

A Waterpebble times your shower and lets you know when it should be up. You can buy one here for £9.99.


8. Hippo water saver


The Hippo water saver is a pack that goes inside your toilet cistern to help you save water.

Every time you flush, the Hippo can save up to three litres of water. This will save you approximately £20 a year. They cost £2 so they’re a great investment!

However, if you really want to avoid spending, you can just put a brick or a few rocks in your toilet cistern. This will reduce the amount it is able to fill up and therefore reduce the amount of water when you flush. But, be careful not to cause any lasting damage as the cost of a plumber will be far more than what you might save!


9. Water recycling kit

Image result for Droughtbuster greywater

The Droughtbuster water recycling kit is great for garden lovers. Priced at £17.40, this gadget allows you to reuse water from your home – also known as Greywater – and is a good way to avoid wasting water.

It will likely save you more money than it will cost you in the long run!


10. PulseEco shower head

According to the Energy Saving Trust, by simply switching to an eco shower head you could reduce your water usage by an average of 74% and cut your hot water bills by as much as 40%.

You can get a PulseEco shower head for around £33 and is easy to fit to your shower hose. Just unscrew the one you have now and replace it with this new one


11. Eco kettle

save water and save money

People waste water every day when they go to make a cup of tea. It’s likely that every time you use a kettle you’ll boil more water than you need – wasting water and energy.

The first step is to only put the amount of water you need in the kettle. If you’re making two cups of tea you hardly need a full kettle!

This energy-saving kettle uses far less energy than you’ll usually use by boiling a kettle. It’s about £27.

Of course, if you can’t afford that right now, don’t worry! Just use your normal kettle and be careful to only fill the kettle with the amount you need and not to the brim.


Save on Water Bills with a Water Meter

12. Get a water meter

Water Meter

Getting a water meter installed will make you aware of just how much water you are using and how much it is costing you. Many people look at their water usage differently after having a water meter installed and go on to save money as a result.

Finally, after you stop boring your friends with the tale of how you saved money with your water meter, enjoy it by spending wisely or saving it.

And spare a thought for people in parts of the world who can only dream of turning on a tap to have clean water. You might want to send a celebratory contribution to one of the charities that help provide water to the developing world.  Check out Water Aid for more information. 


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